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There are many reasons why an individual would want to find out how much their car is worth. These could include selling, general knowledge and acquiring an insurance policy for this car. Knowing the value of your car is information that can only help and not hurt you. If you do not know how much your car is worth, get to it.
Did you know that if you total your car in a wreck and you know how much it is worth, then this knowledge could help you get the most out of your claim? 
Car value is determined by several different factors. These factors include vehicle age, mileage, optional equipment, maintenance, condition, just to name a few. These factors are mostly in a vehicle owners control. The owner should service the car, keep it clean, ensure that all breaks, dents and scratches are fixed immediately and keep the car as close to perfect as it was when they purchased it. This will guarantee that the value of the car stays high. 
On the other hand, there are some factors that are completely out of the owners control. The value of the car can decrease if there is a surplus of similar cars in the market. This applies especially in a buying/selling situation. If a car owner is selling their Nissan yet there are very many in the market, then this owner has very little leverage over the buyer seeing as they have many options and they are able and likely to look for another deal. 
Insurance in Kenya covers the value of the item or event that is insured. Car insurance can help determine the value of your car and cover the car in case of anything. Accident insurance should also be purchased by car owners in case of an accident. This ensures that the insurance company reimburses the owner for any damages incurred during an accident. Theft insurance is not very common with car owners; however, it should be. People who park on the street only to find that their belongings that were kept safely in the car are gone can attest to this. Theft insurance protects those valuables you leave in the car. 
Another insurance that car owners require is Passenger Liability Insurance. This protects any passenger in the car in the case of an accident and it also protects the driver seeing as he is not legally liable for any damage or death once he/she has passenger liability insurance. Medical insurance is one of the most basic and most important insurance policies one can get. Whether you are a driver or not, ensuring that you are able to seek medical assistance 24/7 is crucial seeing as life is unpredictable and it can land you in the Emergency Room without warning. 
Insurance Valuation is important for a person who is trying to determine the value of their car. It will help them know how much their claim covers in case of any accident or theft or any other insured event. This should be done early so as to avoid any confusion if the insured event should occur. It is good to confirm this and weigh it against the value of your car so that you can know if this policy caters fully to your car or if you require a larger one or a smaller one. 
Most drivers are under the assumption that knowing the value of their car is irrelevant, however, it can come in handy in certain situations. For more information on this, go to (insert link here). 

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