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Youth Unemployment is Becoming a
Crisis in Canada
Nikola Savoski


Youth Unemployment is Becoming a
Crisis in Canada
Young people are the future for any economy, not only as consumers and clients but also as workers. Current evidence from Canada indicates that young workers are facing particular problems and challenges in gaining access to the labor market and finding secure employment.
Indeed current evidence from different countries around the world shows that youth unemployment rates are most often double those of adult workers. (Rosalind, 2014) Many people believe that youth unemployment isn’t an issue caused by society and that it’s the youth themselves that are the problem. Others argue that youth unemployment is due to the economy, lack of education, and the government.
“Demographics, globalization and technological change are transforming Canada’s labour market. The youth are looking for jobs, businesses can’t seem to find the skilled people they need and the game-changing technology” (Alexander, 2017). The causes for youth unemployment aren’t being solved, the impact on the society and economy is only getting worse and new models of how youth unemployment can be fixed are just being created.

There are several causes for youth unemployment and it depends on prevailing conditions of economy and also on individual’s perception. The following are some of the causes for youth unemployment: Change in technology is one of the serious causes for youth unemployment and unemployment in general (Pettinger, 2018). As the technology changes employers search for people with latest technical skills. They look for better substitutes. Job cuts due to change in the technology brings the youth unemployment problem in the society. Recession is prime factor for youth unemployment in Canada. (Sorensen, 2015) Because of the financial crisis in one country can affect the other countries economy due to globalization. Changes in the global markets are another important factor. Any country economy adversely affect when its exports are down the line due to changes in global markets, and increase in price. With this production suffers and companies unable to pay on time and this increases the rate of unemployment. Skills mismatch is another cause, this happens when the employer is looking for skills that don’t apply to the education taught. This leads to lack of knowledge and youth unemployment becomes inevitable, as the youth can’t receive a job even with a university degree. Education, technology, and recession are all major factors that participate in youth unemployment. 
Impact of Youth Unemployment 
Youth unemployment plays a big role in the structure of the country’s economy and society. Youth unemployment reduces the long run growth potential of the economy. Considering that the baby boomers will soon leave the workforce, it is up to the future youth to enter. (Predicting the changing future of work, 2017). “That means when there is high rate of youth 
unemployment in Canada, the government has to suffer extra borrowing burden due to decrease in the production and less consumption of goods and services by the people.” Not only the unemployed people consume less its even employed has weak purchasing power due to fear about their loss of their jobs. (Canada, G. O, 2017) “Unemployed not working and not contributing for income generation of the economy, but also they claim benefits from the government and it is an additional cost for the economy as a whole” (Baker, 2009).
Furthermore, there are many social affects as well. For example loss of skill when there is youth unemployment in the society, people lose their skills due to no usage and it causes human capital loss. Also, increase in the crime rate of Canada —- when there is unemployment in the society crime rate increases dramatically. When people don’t have a high enough income they can lead towards robbery and also murders in order to survive. (Valerie, 2005). Additionally, youth unemployment causes poor standard of living as “competition for jobs will increase and people accept for less salaries and their standard of living will decrease due to their low income.” Due to youth unemployment, economic and social issues will continue to exist and gradually get worse.
Youth unemployment reach a significant all time high in Canada. “In 2017, six out of 10 workers aged 15-29 lacked stable employment and earned below-average wages, according to the International Labour Organization. The global youth employment rate has reached 13.1% – almost three times that of adults.” (Sean, 2018). A mix of factors has contributed to the crisis, 

from mushrooming youth populations in developing regions to a growing mismatch between the skills people have and those that employers need. Addressing Canada’s solution to youth unemployment consists of help within governments, employers, educational institutions – as well as families, communities and peer groups. Governments, for example, should develop national action plans targeting youth employment. They should establish training programmes and that hire and train young people. Employers can create entry-level job opportunities, implement school-to-work apprenticeships and on-the-job training programmes, as well as support young entrepreneurs through mentoring.  Educational institutions can incorporate entrepreneurship into the curriculum and work with employers to ensure they offer students the appropriate training. (Sean, 2018)
New Model
Changing the education system to provide more knowledge about the workforce, and teach students about skills that are looked upon by companies and employers. Instead of learning about particular fields of workforce such as science, math, etc, implement classes that do more to develop graduates who are able to collaborate. Yes, having engineers, scientists, and business leaders are important but encouraging entrepreneurial traits and skill sets that apply to the job industry would be more effective for youth after graduating from a university or college. Providing more capital and more provincial funding to support for ventures that are further along the development path so entrepreneurs are not forced to take premature exits, selling to interests abroad. As well as starting youth with some funds before entering the workforce to make sure more people take more participation in starting businesses on their own. Finally, incorporate 
fully funded colleges to help students with low income before entering the workforce in debt. Fully funding colleges would benefit a lot because it gives students opportunities to get an education and still be able to support their needs when they prepare to enter the working environment. Changing educations systems, financial funding, and support from the government with school system can make a drastic change in helping fix youth unemployment for the near future.
In conclusion, youth unemployment is a serious issue for any economy. It creates negative affects to the young unemployed as they are jobless and suffer from worse prospects to find new job and those who are employed feel less secure to keep their jobs in future. As the youth are looking for jobs, people leaving school and entering the workforce aren’t skilled properly, and technology is advancing. Finding a job as has never been harder for young people. However for there to be an overall development in youth unemployment considering the new model which means changing education systems, and helping fund students entering and leaving school has to take initiative steps to increase the productivity and improve employment for young people. The new model is the a good way to solve youth unemployment due to the fact that it would only help our economy go forward and our society get better. Having the right education is beneficial for everyone’s future it helps you move forward in life and learn things that are important in succeeding. The youth of a country are the new beginners, they impact the society in many ways. 

Therefore helping young people from an early stage would only help grow the economy and country to become better than it was before. Youth unemployment is important even though unemployment is bad at any age, evidence shows that people who struggle to find work during their first few years in the labor market will be at a serious disadvantage for the rest of their careers. (CBC News, 2018) They are likely to earn lower wages and face a higher probability of future joblessness compared to those who enter the workforce more successfully. If we do not make this issue a priority, we risk seeing an entire generation of people cursed to be marginalized at work – and because so much else depends on having a decent job, marginalized in society, too.