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I’ll attribute my interest in the field of graphics and computers to pure serendipity. Me and my friends in high school took up the responsibility of organising our inter-school annual technical fest – “Interface”. It was going to be the grandest technical fest the city had ever witnessed. Well that was the plan, at least. But soon we realised that we needed great marketing in a restricted budget to make success of that event, and for that we needed someone with excellent proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, as designer posters and teaser videos were the minimum requirements if we were going to call our event grand; Adding to it the fact that Delhi Public School which was ruling this space with their event named “Exun” was doing all these. The question was – Who would take up the mantle and continue? I got the answer sooner than expected when my coordinator arbitrarily gave my name to the principal. So under 3 months I had to learn everything I could about designing eye catching posters and creating a captivating teaser. Access to internet was a newfound luxury at the time and I did everything in my power with the overwhelming amount of information I had to make something worth remembering. The results were better than my teachers expected and the event became a grand success. With this I got introduced to the awe-inspiring world of motion graphics. And became an avid follower of the motion design supremo – Andrew Kramer. Following his insightful tutorials and using his After Effect Plugins I started creating Visual Effects and soon my peers started recognising me as their go-to graphics guy. This trend continued throughout the rest of my time in school and only grew further as I entered college. As I delved deeper into the field of computer science with my major, the intricacies behind these visual effects started sounding more and more interesting to me. After my graduation, doing higher studies became inevitable for me. My groundwork to select the course and College started from there itself. With this clarity, I decided to pursue Masters in Computers. 

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As the first year in college came to an end I started exploring more avenues in the creative field, and started investing my resources and free time in to online courses and specialisations offered by prestigious universities worldwide. The first of them being “Graphic Design Specialisation” by California Institute of Arts. The specialisation included 5 courses ranging from a span of 4-5 weeks each, followed by a capstone project, which in my case was a brand guide. The technical knowledge gained in college and the design sense acquired through this specialisation pushed me further to explore ways to fuse these two together, hence I joined the “Web Design Specialization” offered by University of Michigan. This again included 5 courses followed by a capstone project where I had to design and code a website. The final project of this specialisation ended up becoming my portfolio site which is live till date. My curriculum in sophomore year in college also included Computer Graphics as a subject which introduced me to the world of 3-D graphics and rendering, and helped me build a solid foundation in the same. Currently I am enrolled in “Interaction Design Specialization” offered by University of California, San Diego. I have completed 6 out of the 7 courses of this specialisation and will be working on a capstone project curated by exciting design teams in Silicon Valley across multiple industries to solve real-world design challenges for this final project. The class in taught by former Stanford Professor Scott Klemmer, who is an associate of the father of User Experience Design – Professor Don Norman. Together they established The Design Lab at University of California, San Diego which is a research lab focused on Human Computer Interaction.

The ability to be a self starter is one of the most important qualities required to be successful in any field. So in my sophomore year, along with two friends of mine, I started working on a unique idea we had about blending social media and e-commerce to create an affiliate marketing platform, and named it “Weawe”. Users would share their experiences with products and would get rewarded when anyone made purchases using their affiliate links. We used gamification and offered rewards to users for contributing to the platform and interacting with their peers. Along with the 3 founding members, we grew to a strong core team of 8 people initially, which further increased to 250 after including the student ambassadors from various colleges all over the country. The site used WAMP (Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack and was hosted on the cloud via AWS. My role included planning and executing online marketing strategy, branding and website design. I strongly believe that industrial experience helps students gain exposure to real world problems and to cultivate adaptability and creativity. Thus, in the summer of 2016, my junior year, I joined an internship at AIESEC in Delhi University, which is the world’s largest student run organisation. It provides a platform for leadership and growth among youths and facilitates student exchange. During my internship, I worked as a part of the Design team and was responsible for all the creative content creation, which included the promo videos for their recruitment drives and events like Baalkalakar. After working as a team member for a term of 4 quarters, I was promoted to the position of a Tech Manager, after clearing an interview round. My role there involved the design and development of a member management website. The site was based on Django, Gunicorn, NGINX, Postgresql deployed using Docker and was hosted on AWS via Heroku. This internship helped explore ways of combining various disciplines in order to achieve the desired results.

My final project dissertation was a group project “Continuum”, a student teacher portal
developed on Django, Python’s framework. Continuum used NGINX, MYSQL, was deployed using Docker and was hosted on AWS via Heroku. The aim of the project was to develop a web
application for the management and maintenance of student records. It also facilitated the
sharing of student data with other colleges through pull requests. This level of interoperability
was achieved by implementing REST API. It also has inbuilt forums designed through “Material
Design Kit” which allows students and mentors to seamlessly engage in discussions with each
other. This project helped me grow professionally, work cohesively and also express myself
freely. This project even won accolades all over the college, and the management was so impressed with the concept that they decided to implement a similar system for internal use, production level software for which is under development currently.

I have always been very inquisitive by nature and the unknown excites me. In my free time I like reading books and working out, because I believe that a good physique is necessary to house a fresh and energetic mind. Currently, I am working on a research project aimed at identifying signs of depressions, using chat bots. We are using Facebook’s Messenger platform, which provides chat bot integration and live-messaging tools along with the ability to instantly connect to a large audience.

Following the MSc course, I would like to pursue my interests in research in the area of Graphics and Vision Technologies, specifically Augmented Reality by possibly researching with a government body or a public-sector unit. I believe that Augmented Reality is going to be the foundation of media and entertainment industries in future, and it is a great opportunity to blend different disciplines to discover a new platform aligned with our current values as marketers, consumers, and creators alike -?in prioritizing mobile-friendly, highly personalized, accessible experiences.

The world’s biggest and best companies have located key strategic research facilities in Ireland which creates a unique ecosystem wherein the academic research students can work closely with these large multinationals as well as innovative startups. Ireland is a vibrant, lively and modern country, while still preserving the richness of its culture. The cultural heritage and captivating beauty of the countryside are among the most enriching reasons to study in Ireland. Studying here will not only widen my horizons in my area of specialization, but will also give me a broader, multi-cultural perspective.

I am particularly keen to study in the department of Computer Science at the Trinity College 
Dublin because of your reputation for superlative excellence in the field of graphics and vision technology. The university also provides the opportunity to indulge in recreational facilities for graduate students. I’m especially interested in joining the swimming club, film society and AIESEC during my tenure as a student here at TCD. Also, access to one of best accelerator programs of country – Launchbox, will provide me with a very conducive environment that will expedite my entrepreneurial ventures. I look forward to studying at Trinity College Dublin.