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The first Generation of Disney princesses includes Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. They were released during the 1930s- 1960s. Theses Disney films “reflected the attitudes of the wider society from which they emerged, and that their enduring popularity is evidence that the depictions they contain would continue to resonate as the films were re-released in later decades.” (Amy M. Davis, Good Girls, and Wicked Witches). Making them “forever young and forever available,” (Do Rozario, 2004, p.36). During the 30s 40s and 50s Disney highlighted the importance of the thought of a lasting marriage and the desire to have the perfect women.

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The character expectations that can be seen in the “first three Disney Princess movies were to be frequently affectionate, helpful, troublesome, fearful, tentative and described as pretty”(Melissa A. Collier-Meek, Gender Role Portrayal, and the Disney Princesses P9). This helped build on the idea of how the perfect woman needed to act. During this time woman gender roles were represented in films. The first generation showed to have had the roles of the “Domestic housewife”, “the Motherly role” and “The damsel in distress”. These roles were reinforced by having the princesses cleaning, cooking, and sewing. Theses job where now labeled as being feminine, this helps emphasize to their audience that this is how the woman was expected to act. “Most feminists believe that this culture leads to little girls believing in gender roles at a very early age. They claim that it leads to girls thinking that acting feminine is the only option they have” If they wanted a successful marriage (Sara Salman-Rear Front).

The first generation of the Disney princesses are seen as damsels in distress that need saving,  The storyline of each of these princesses films are very similar and have the same themes. They evolve around romance and the idea of “living happily ever after”. Theses characters are represented as weak and are dependent on their prince saving them, with “true love’s kiss.”  They don’t show much authority besides the animals and children. Like for instance when snow white gets the animals to help her when cleaning the dwarfs house.

The story of snow white was published in 1812 by the Grimm brothers, In their book called “Grimm’s fairy tales”. Calling it “Sneewittchen”, in their book. Anyhow the story was not originally theirs as the story was originated long before this. There are many different versions of this tale. This story is known around the world and there are many examples of this, like for instance “Cymbeline” by Shakespeare. This Disney movie follows closely the tale unlike many of the other Disney princess’ films. Disney is famous for reconstructing fairy tales “Disney’s vision,” writers marina warner, “has effected everybody’s idea of fairy tales”6 as now days “Traditional fairytales are being ditched by parents because they are too scary for their young children, a study found.”7

The Disney movie of “Snow White and the seven dwarfs” was released 12 March 1938, during the time of the great depression. Where America was in financial crisis. The Disney films highlighted the importance of lasting marriages as the men has to leave their famililes and look for work, as well as highting how women was to ask “Disney molds the gothic, much like the female gender, into socially acceptable stigmas that clearly delineate a woman’s place in society, and then he illustrates the dangers inherent in trying to break free from those boundaries.”8