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s5 {font-kerning: none}AEPEvaluationThe table above shows my scores for components of fitness. By doing tests to get my scores on various components of fitness I am able to locate my strengths and weaknesses.Also, I have done some analysis on the average scores other people my age on the components of fitness to see where I am and what I need to improve on.The table above reflects that that I stand out in strength as I achieved an above average score of 40.

The group I am is collectively referred to as the pack or the forwards. My main goal is to win possession of the ball and use my strength to try to overpower my opponents by tackling them to the ground.  I am also part of the scrum contest for the ball involving eight players who bind together and using strength to push against the other team’s assembled eight for possession of the ball. Strength is also every crucial in this area of rugby.Furthermore, another area in fitness where I stand out is my power as I scored 47 on the vertical jump test which is above average for my age group.

Power is essential in rugby , however mostly in the lineout where I need to jump as high as I can in order to gain possession of the ball then grabbing it with my hands or snack the ball to towards my teammates so they can get possession for my team.However my weaknesses are in Cardiovascular Endurance , Agility, Speed and Reaction Time. These can affect my overall performance in games in various methods.If reaction time is slow , for example in a lineout, if I do not jump for the ball quickly enough. The opposing team might have players in their lineout with a better reaction time than me and that can give them an advantage in gaining possession of the ball more often and with a slower reaction time I might not be able to intercept the ball with than can result in a lost oppurtunity.

My Cardiovascular Endurance can also be an issue , despite being scoring 2400m on the copper run as I can sometimes find my self chasing a flyhallf or a player on the wing. These players most of the time can do more vigorous physical activity for longer than me , if I do not have a choice but to chase then it can result in me getting exhausted really quickly and this can affect my performance all together.Speed can also be a problem to me in a game of rugby, usually players than can exploit this weakness really well in rugby that I have are flyhalfs or a players on the wing , these players can outrun me when they have possession of the ball which can result in them in creating opportunities in scoring more trys for their team.