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  There are more than 190 countries in the world and each of them have their own culture and holidays. Guess what is the richest country that has 41 holidays and traditions, royal family, palaces, family haunted castles, ancient universities, famous English pubs, flower parades, endless green meadows, well tended gardens and parks. Yes, it is Great Britain. In my essay, I am going to talk about the most interesting things that you can learn about the United Kingdom, holidays and culture. 

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The greatest artistic contribution of England to culture was made in the field of theater, literature and architecture. The country also has a rich collection of works of art representing the culture of different eras and countries. Most visitors admire the majestic beauty of the houses of the English aristocracy and the splendour of the local cathedrals and castles. Although modern architecture of England is represented by highways, high-rise buildings and outwardly uninteresting suburban buildings, modern architects such as Sir Norman Foster and Richard Rogers find vivid and original solutions, for example: Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge and Lloydz.

England gave the world English, which is now the language of international communication. There are many dialects in the dialects of the language, and it is not surprising when people from southern England need an interpreter to talk to people living in the north of Oxford. 

A well-known tradition of the English is tea with milk. Another tradition associated with tea “five oclock.” Particularly related to time. It is believed that this tea party is made only for the closest people. Changes in the society do not affect the traditions.