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In the movie Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks, provides us with a romantic drama, featuring a little bit of innocent humor through out the film. The movie is based off of a book that Winston Groom wrote, and it takes place in the 60’s through the 80’s, while movie was not released until 1994. Through out the movie there are many visual effects that help you paint a picture of what Forrests’ life was like, they use special effects like flashbacks, the different costumes, set design, and there colors, and also how the director ties in the beginning in with the end through cinematography. In the beginning of the film it starts out with a wide shot of the sky, featuring a white single feather floating in the wind. As the camera focuses on the feather flying above the town, it glides through the wind while getting knocked into different directions, the camera then gradually becomes a close up shot, while landing next to Forrests’ muddy sneakers. He then proceeds to pick it up and puts it in his “Curious George” book, and for the rest of the movie the feather is tucked away. When the feather reappears it falls out of the book, landing next to Forrests’ nicely clean dress shoes. The camera at this point in the movie was doing a close up shot to focus on the feather. It then slowly gets knocked by the wind and it drifts away, thus proceeding with a wide shot like the beginning of the movie. The director, appealing to pathos with these scenes, by trying to make the claim that life is like a feather and that we are all just floating casually, and getting knocked around by life, and the cycle of life goes on even when one part ends, thus why the director put the feather as the beginning and end of the film.  The film takes place in many different decades, and through out those decades were some of the biggest changes in history, so the costumes and set design were a key part in the making of this film. In the beginning of the movie it takes place in the early 60’s where Forrests’ is getting bullied, the truck chasing him is an indicator of the times, because of its older looking features like the rust, aging green paint color, the make, and has a confederate flag on the front of its bumper. Midway through the movie, the director shows that he is walking through Vietnam because of how his attire is solid green colors, an army helmet, backpack and gun, while walking through big green fields of rice. The director paints a picture of what war was like during the 70’s, while flashing back to Jenny, who is dressed in a white hippie style gown, with tan fringe boots, and a tan backpack, where she hugs two guys with long hair and a bandana, and her entering a hippie style bus. Towards the end of the movie, it shows a close up of his white nike sneakers and pans out to his clean cut face where he puts on his hat and starts to run. He ends up running through the country, from east coast to west coast, through the scenes of landscape where the director shows state signs, and knowable scenery, so one could tell where he was running at that time in the movie. The director shows the audience that time is going by, by how his characters outfit and hair begins to change and grow. He shows us that this time takes place during the 80’s because of the development in technology with different types of newer cars, and tv’s. A variety of visual effects were used through out this movie, because it was made in the 90’s and in the film it takes place in the 60’s through the 80’s, the director built a visual presence of Forrest during this time.  In the beginning of the movie, the director used a historical news cast and special effects to put the main character in the shot to show like he was actually there; in the black and white historical video. In the beginning of the movie it flashes back to when he was a kid and how he got the name Forrest. The  “Birth of a Nation” video was being referenced, and the special effect of Tom Hanks riding on a horse during the leading of the KKK was being shown through at this time, which was a grainy black and white motion picture. Another important part of the movie is when they used visual effects to have it appear as if a character had no legs, and gave the audience a shock of emotion of what war was actually like.  Throughout the movie historical flashbacks were used to show main character integration in the film. For example, when he meets President John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, and President Nixon. The director uses a grainy black and white or grainy colored film to provide an “older outlook” of this time, and provide ethos to the audience to infer that the main character was actually there.   Fig. 1. Forrest running away from the bullies. 

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Forrest Gump allowed the viewer not only a glimpse of our history but it made it very believable because of the special effects, costumes, set design and cinematography. The director integrated Forrest in crucial times of our eras, while proceeding to tell a story. The director accurately used ethos, pathos, and logos while giving the person watching a story come together, even when made a decade after the time it was taking place. The main claim of this movie was to show that even in a time of war and hatred, there was still innocence and love.