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Everyone has their own definition of what a global citizen is. There is no one right or wrong answer; it’s how you want to see the world change, for what ways, and how to make that change happen. You can interpreted global citizenship however you want, but it all boils down to one main topic: unity. The use of global citizenship, I believe, is involvement in global issues or crises when in a local or foreign setting. It is being aware of cultural differences across the globe. Not only being aware about them but actively trying to contribute to making the world a better place for everyone in it.  For some, global citizenship is interpreted as a direct relation with people of different countries and cultures. A statement by Hakan Altinay, I felt best describes why global citizenship is important was, “A university education which does not provide effective tools and forums for students to think through their responsibilities and rights as one of the several billions on planet Earth, and along the way develop their moral compass, would be a failure” (Altinay). The meaning of this is to advocate to not only students but educators about the relevance of learning the different cultures that are among us. 
Global citizenship isn’t all about creating one single nation so to speak, but rather, global citizenship is wanting and acting towards the feeling that encourages people want to expand their community and become more diversified. To be a global citizen you learn how to appreciate other cultures in order to be apart of a global community. To become a global citizen you first need to advance your awareness of other cultures and being acceptant of their way of life. Being an active global citizen gives you self satisfaction and leads to a more pleasurable and open-minded living experience. It ensures others and yourself to be and think more positively. There are simple tasks to get you to this point such as, being aware of current events around the globe, having a conversation with someone from a different culture, traveling to various places, or even trying different foods.  It’s exciting to see yourself  learning new aspects of culture and how others live. Being an active global citizen is key in taking part what happens globally and locally. Another reason it is important to be a global citizen is because are all united by one common thing: earth. We all live on the same planet and it is important for us to be more cognizant of what happens around us. There are many harmful things on this planet such as; pollution, war, and other misfortunes, it is important to protect civilians from things of that nature. We all have the energy and knowledge of making this world a better place, and as soon as people understand the importance of global citizenship, together we can make that happen. 

Altinay, Hakan. “The Case for Global Civics.” Global Economy and Development Working Paper 35, The Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, 2010.