Pablo of art. I didn’t know that

Pablo Picasso stated, “Some painters
transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the
sun.” When I first began this class, I used this same quote, but the
interesting thing is that I truly understand it now. I used to believe that
there were a few types of art and that it was very simplistic to understand and
interpret. However, I understand now that the spectrum of what art is truly
vast and amazing. Art can be very simplistic with basic colors and form, but
others can be something that can be extremely creative and make you feel some
type of way on the inside. One of the first things I learned about art is the
structure and key elements that are in each piece of art you come across.

Concepts such as form, lines, and principles of design make it appearance in
almost every piece of art. I didn’t know that just one piece of art could have
so many ways that it could be deconstructed for further meaning.

Being a lover of art, previously before
this class I feel that I look at art differently now. I am more open to how
different artists have their own styles and ways they want their art to be
perceived. For instance, you could be looking at a picture of a leaf falling
and somehow that artists may correlate the picture to how people grow apart. I
also learned that even though artists might have a set way they want a piece to
be viewed, it ultimately is subjective. Not to be cliché, but the beauty of art
is really in the beholder. People have their own opinions and views on almost
everything and art is no different. Some art can intentionally be constructed
to represent something, or it can be up to the onlooker to clarify the meaning for