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Painted bird houses can be a sight to behold. This is especially if they are painted in elaborate colors that suit its design best. Paints do not merely make bird houses beautiful. It also provides additional protection from wearing off easily and from elements that might cause damage to the bird house. Your painted bird house should also serve its main purpose of providing a sound shelter to birds. It should be durable enough to make it through stormy weather and cool during sunny days. A well-built bird house that serves these purposes well will mean that you can have your favorite birds alive and in good health for a long time. Other than these, your painted bird house should also be:1. Kept clean at all times. A dirty bird house can be harmful to the birds. Most bacteria are kept alive in dirt. If you do not want your birds to suddenly die of an unknown sickness, you should clean the bird house vigorously and regularly. An unclean bird house can also cause some problems to you too. If you have your painted bird house located near your home, you can expect the dirt to fall down or penetrate your home and environment. Not only do you have with you a bird house that is not so good to look at, it will also cause an unpleasant sting in your area once there is too much dirt around the painted bird house. 2. Placed in the proper location.Most painted bird houses are put in places where predators cannot reach them. Bird predators can be your cat, dog or some rodents in your place. These predators can be found both inside and outside your home. Make sure that you place your painted bird house where these predators cannot get through them. Environmental factors like rain or heat from the sun can also be considered a predator to birds. This is why you need to provide the bird house with a roof, walls and proper ventilation in order to protect the birds from these harmful elements. 3. Made of the best materials. If you have an outdoor bird house, the best material to use for them is wood. Woods are known to survive through many years of service. You can paint these woods to add more protection. Be sure to use non-toxic and water-resistant paints in these woods. Bird houses that are made of metal can be effective if you want to place it inside the house. Unlike woods, it does not invite termites and other insects that fed on woods. Be sure to ask some bird experts for suggestions of materials to use for your bird house. 4. Attractive designs. It is said that how you design your bird house will make it attractive or unattractive to birds. Therefore, if you want to have more birds coming into your bird house, choose a design that will catch their attention more. Do not be frustrated at the number of birds that might come into your painted bird house. It only means that they find your bird house a comfortable place to stay. Besides, the more birds there are, the merrier it would be. Your painted bird house can serve a lot more purpose than adding beauty to your surrounding. That is why they are built in the first place.