Pamela many years back. She started posting

Pamela Reif is a 21 years old German girl who has got loadsof love for fitness.

Pamela is a fitness freak and loves to do many otherthings which make her life beautiful. For instance, Pamela is fond of fashiondesigning, Beauty and most importantly love for her family. Pamela always triesto make her every day time useful and productive and is fully passionate forcompleting her life goals and dreams.Pamela also gives nutrition, food diet and work out tips toher followers and fans. Pamela is an active and most popular and search modeland fitness idol in Germany.

She has her own personal Instagram ( Social MediaApp ) account in which she posts her beautiful and attractive pictures everyday. Pamela is also signed by a fitness brand named Shredz.AboutPamela Reif:Full Name: Pamela ReifJob / Profession: Fitness Model andInstagram StarBirth Day: 19 August, 1996Age: 21 Years OldPlace of Birth: Karlsruhe, GermanyHeight: 5’5Weight: 54 Kgs / 119 LbsBody Measurements: 35′-25′-36Hair Color: Dark BlondeEye Color: BrownSocialMedia Sensation:Pamela Reif made her account on Instagram many years back.

She started posting her beautiful pictures and videos there while she was 15years old only. Pamela was not aware of the fact that this step of her can leadher to an unexpected success. Pamela was fond of so many things and alwayswanted to do things in life like photography, modeling,  makeup artist, stylist and entrepreneur orbusiness manager etc. Pamela never thought of continuing herself with only onething in her life, she always wanted to be an all rounder and achieve her dreamgoals.

Pamela has crossed 3.3 million followers in her Instagramaccount. People are liking her daily day to day stuff and appreciate her a lotwhich results in doing more and more in life for Pamela. Her followers areincreasing day by day very rapidly and that is just because of the beauty ofthis girl.

Pamela when graduated from her A levels, took a year off for herselfto think and find what she actually wanted to do in her life. That was the timewhen Pamela Reif realized that how important is that Instagram account of herand how much she loves her fans. Pamela when realized this fact, decided tocombine her interests and abilities to a single thing and that was being a fulltime Instagrammer.Pamela’s content is loved and appreciated all over the worldand this appreciation encourages her to complete her dreams that why she is amodel, stylish and all other things at a single time. Pamela truly believesthat these positive feedbacks are so overwhelming for her and being Germany’sall time biggest inspiration and influencer is completely an honor for her.Living HerDream:Pamela Reif’s dream of being so many things at one time isalready done at this young age.

She believes that turning these hobbies intoher job is the most loving and best part of her life. Pamela at this young age,has turned out to be so successful in life that she sometimes get scared andmost of the time cheers for these amazing opportunities she has at this youngage.Pamela dream of being a fitness model turned out to be sosuccessful because of her well toned physique which attracts the viewer on thefirst sight. There is something attractive in her personality which alwaysattracts a person to search more and more for her.Pamela is an author too. She herself wrote and published herfirst book namely “Strong and Beautiful”. In her book, she has mentioned indetails about the fitness topic so beautifully that the reader gets interest byreading it and never gets bored. Pamela Reif has written in her book about thetopics like Nutrition / Food, Fitness and Training and Daily Lifestyle (thathow to live a beautiful and prosperous) life.

Due to this, Pamela was awardedas the “Fitness Influencer of the Year Award” by placetob.Pamela Reif is a full time Fitness model and enthusiast whonot only trains herself but also encourages others by posting some workoutroutine and better nutrition tips on her online Instagram account.Fitness andTraining:Pamela’s journey towards here was not as easy as we think.She went through a lot of difficulties before getting into this hot and wellmaintained physique. Pamela used to be ultra slim and had no curves in herbody.

In spite of eating everything possible, Pamela was not able to gain anyweight or size due to her fast metabolism and because of that she had nothing soattractive than others have but some body fat on her stomach and hips. Pamelawas not much happy this way of her body and because of that she did not likeseeing herself in the mirror. Pamela was not fit and sexy at that time whichresulted in losing her self confidence.

But instead of crying for this, Pamela decided to take a stepahead. Couple of years ago, Pamela started training at gym with a friend ofher. Pamela wanted to train and work out with heavy weights but seriously shedid not have proper knowledge and plans for it and did not even train the rightway for a longer time. She worked on her hips and abs and did so much of cardioexercises because she was not aware of the proper exercises there but slowlyand gradually, Pamela was able to work out properly and train herself becauseof the correct knowledge she got in gym which turned out to be very effective forher and now you can see the results of her body.Pamela trains her whole body instead of focusing on a singlespecific thing.

She feels that balanced body is a must for everyone. Our bodyand muscles should be balanced comparing to each other. In her opinion, it doesnot matter if you are a girl, training your back and arms are just as importantas doing any other fitness exercise.Diet /Nutrition:Due to the correct knowledge of exercise, Pamela Reif startedeating healthy food and got proper information about the diet and nutritionfrom there and also learned to make healthy and tasty meals. She feels that a healthylifestyle does not mean that you should stop eating everything and take care ofyourself every single time but a healthy lifestyle is something in which youknow what is right for you and what is not.Pamelaalways chooses the right food for her because of the fact that the junk foodwould create unwanted body fat for her.

So she always suggests those foodswhich are matched and suitable with your workout routine.Entrepreneuror Business Manager:Despite ofall these abilities like being a model, fitness freak and author, Pamela hasnow introduced herself as an Entrepreneur by launching her own Lingeriecollection. Pamela presented for first collection in Hunkemöller’s flagship store in Munich. Hercollection is so damn sexy which always catches the attention of viewer. Itconsists of velvet sets, romantic sets and sexy night sets.Her collection consists of mix pieces of velvetand satin.

In her collection, you will not only find lingerie sets only butalso there are many Bralettes, slip dresses and some hot nighties. With them,there are velvet makeup bag and silver body chain which complete the beauty ofher collection. Motivating Others:When it comes to motivate others, Pamela Reifalways encourages and supports other. She keeps suggesting her followers andfan about the work out, training and other aspects of life which includesnutrition and diet as well. While pushing it at a upper level, Pamela has takensteps for motivating others online by creating a website called “PamStrong”.In this website, she has delivered all theproper information and guide on work out and nutrition so that everyone shouldbe able to get the correct knowledge at a beginner level. Her main aim is to guideeveryone to build a beautiful, well toned and feminine body and boosting theself confidence in own body and skin.

She believe that with her website, peoplewill be able to work hard for a better result properly and they will take outthe best version of them.Struggle of Pamela Reif Shows:Everyone is a learner at the beginning andlearns from their experiences. There is no need of losing our self confidenceso early, show everyone that you are not less than anyone else. A person shouldalways encourage himself or herself for more and more and work hard for theirdesired goals.

Thirst for more is something which encourages our selfconfidence and helps us to do better every day. We should just focus mainly onourselves and never lose hope so one day we all will be able to achieve ourdreams and desired goals.