Paper influencing secession with democrats being more powerful.

       Paper View       Plain Text View     1861 was that period in time when several states wanted to secede from the Union. Texas was one such state and Sam Houston was the governor. Sam Houston had to make the decision of whether or not to support the secession. Sam goes back and forth debating the positives and negatives of seceding from the union. Sam 1: I do not think Texas should secede from the Union. Secession would lead to a great loss of bloodshed and life because the Union is going to go to war with the southern states that are trying to secede. At costs of thousands of lives, we may win southern independence and I don’t know if that is really worth the loss. Sam 2: Texas is better off seceding from the Union. The Union is dominated by northern leaders that attack southern institutions and their values. The southerners feel that the election of Abraham Lincoln, which results in the republic control of the executive branch, is equivalent to declaring war on the South. Sam 1: Secession from the Union would lead to disaster at the hands of foreign powers such as Great Britain. Without the union, they are likely to dwindle back into the United States and cause dissensions amongst us and regain power and control. Talks of alliance with Great Britain are subject to continual aggression based on the history of our fathers and forefathers and should be dismissed. Sam 2: However, the election of Abraham Lincoln was a major threat to slavery. Slavery was vital for economic growth in Texas. Cotton was a major factor that propelled economic growth in Texas. Slave labor produced cotton for profit and cultivated various foodstuff needed for self-sufficiency. There was a 600% increase in the production of cotton in the 1850’s. Sam 1: Nevertheless, with the Union, there is a huge scope of opportunity with commercialization and industrialization. Slaveholders are unwilling to involve themselves in commerce and industry. Therefore, slavery somewhat hindered economic modernization in Texas which is said to have faster economic growth rates. Sam 2: Texas is divided on the issue of secession. Democrat’s support the right of individuals to own slaves, which is under threat if Texas sticks with the Union. Whigs and other opposition groups are less inclined to sacrifice the support of the Union for slavery. Population and economic characteristics are therefore majorly influencing secession with democrats being more powerful. Sam Houston after weighing the benefits and disadvantages of secession from the Union decided to oppose the secession of Texas from the Union. The economic consolidation from the union, threat of foreign powers and loss of life largely outweighs any benefit Texas will receive seceding from the Union.