Papyrus about 10 inches tall. The rarest

Papyrus a cyperus plant. Papyrus can grow up to 30 feet tall. The lowest it can grow is 10 feet tall.Well 10 inches is the normal size for papyrus, most of the papyrus you find or some you buy is about 10 inches tall. The rarest papyrus you can find is 30 inches tall.You have to buy some papyrus that is mostly 20 inches tall.You have to buy papyrus that is 20 inches tall at papyrus cutters. A good store where you can buy tall papyrus.You  can find papyrus in the Nile Delta, you have to travel across the Nile Delta then go in the woods and look for it. Also you can find it at Papyrus cutters in MaryLand and also in Pennsylvania. There’s A Papyrus cutters store in both of them. And there is one in Columbus OH. Papyrus was mostly found in Africa, but papyrus is almost extinct in ancient egypt. People used the papyrus stem for sandals,boats,twine,boxes,mats and sails cloth.  Papyrus in green like any other plant that you find is green. Soms rare papyrus you can find is A black stem with a dark green canopy. That is really rare papyrus you can find but it’s gonna be hard. The only color the stem can be is black (the rare one) and green the normal color for the stem. But the stem can kind of have a red kinda streak on it. Papyrus was made in 3000 b.c.e in ancient Egypt. Another word for papyrus is¨paper¨ but people usually say papyrus because not many people know that paper is another word for papyrus.Other people use papyrus like artists and calligraphers. Not many countries use papyrus cause they now have regular paper. They get it from trees and stuff, so not a lot of countries use papyrus. Mostly because it’s kinda hard to find it in certain  places. So that’s 2 reasons why other countries don’t use papyrus. But some scribes usually wrote on papyrus.Papyrus is one of the greatest ancient  Egypt accomplishments it was used for writing on. Papyrus is a cyperus plant a lot of people used it in ancient Egypt if something was new for ancient Egypt it were surely  be popular. 2000 years ago papyrus was the most popular writing material in the world. Still today modern papyrus is used as a specialty writing.