“Para sa Matalinong Panonood” Essay

We were informed by Miss Abby a week ahead that there will be a seminar on November 17 at the BUCAL Amphitheatre and that certain personalities and important people will be visiting the school.

I learned that it would be the first forum of Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, also known as MTRCB, to be conducted in Bicol University. So when Mam Abby needed help I volunteered and was tasked to be part of the organizing committee.On the day of the seminar, I, together with 3 of my classmates was tasked to welcome the guests upon their arrival and assist them to their waiting area in the amphitheatre. It took them too long to arrive but when they finally did we went to do our introductions and such. It was such a privilege to personally welcome MTRCB Executive Director Atty Victoriano S.

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Muring Jr, as well as Board Members Ms. Jacqueline Gavino, Ms.Francia Conrado, Mr. Mario Hernando and Ms. Gladys Reyes who shared most of the spotlight by giving an interactive yet funny discussion. 🙂 I think this is a good program of MTRCB, going from schools among the different regions of the country just to inform communication students on how to be better and critical viewers and at the same time giving them the chance to speak out, clarify some information and give their suggestions.However I think that the way they presented their topic, as well as according to my fellow classmates, was not very effective since they were basically reading what was stated in the PowerPoint.

I, as a student myself, had still so many questions in my mind, and from which I needed specific answers. The discussion and the answers given by the MTRCB representatives were very informative, however it was very broad tackled.I do believe that their chosen strategy was like talking to the masses, wherein the use of lay man terms was implemented and the explanation was done in the simplest way. They should have understood that they are talking to knowledgeable college students who probably want more than just what was written. Although, their agenda of disseminating information of being “matalinong manonod” was achieved for I myself, whenever I watch tv, would not remember the complex details about ratings and such, but instead I would remember to be mindful of what kind of essages – be it subliminal or direct- that this media form contains, as well as it’s possible impact to me and to my younger siblings & relatives. The most important agenda was achieved wherein it is establishing the idea of an identity as part of a group (in this case a part of the MTRCB team) and fulfilling a certain role in the community, starting off by even the simplest action of being responsible viewers.