Paraphrase Essay

Another main issue is maintaining astronauts’’ inner complexion. To be cramped into a small space with an unknown environment can lead to distress afterworlds. In additional, when there is nobody being there with them or the astronauts’’ feel indifference, they will be another emotional problem.

According to NASA Physician, how can astronauts ” let off steam” when interpersonal conflicts develop in the ends although best friends can be close each other when the spend weeks together in isolation.Astronauts in space stations are small, narrowed, busy workplaces, dangerous and a little privacy which is adds to the stress aboard a spaceship. Why we should issue big allocation only to go Martian planet whereas the expenditure can be used to increase in earth area. Earth still large to be explored and developed by providing various infrastructures for modernization purpose towards sophisticated technology.

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Housing sector need in care, we should build further house although has now been many houses in build rapidly mushrooming.However, still have a few grown men in forest and cave such as antiquity. Apart from that, construction cost, quality build and market price should in monitor to be reasonable. Therefore, existence of cost construction lower house for population outside those ability so that can live more comfortably on earth.

Allocation also needed to study and create medical technology that sophisticated, cost that is reasonable and effective on patient.That, care education earth should also give to people such as have campaign “Hari Hijau Sedunia” so that earth pristine. The issue, why willing spend millions of ringgits only to be faced danger to outer space whereas on earth need poverty aid? In conclusion, expenditure to Martian planet is proven a waste because Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor which rose to-month for several study disease, finally go back without any new discovery that could cure disease. Bottom of Form