Parenting Styles Essay

My mother most definitely used the Authoritative parenting style. She was very quick to set rules and boundaries and would punish us if we broke them, however she would discuss with us first what we did wrong, why we did it and why it was wrong before administering punishment which would sometimes be a spanking, or revoking of privileges. If we disagreed with a rule she set forth she would listen to our argument as to why we did not like or agree with it and would occasionally modify it to suit the situation.

My mother genuinely Sistine to our input in all areas and allowed us to have a say in what went on throughout our lives. This developed me and my siblings to independent thinking, well rounded individuals who will follow rules, however question authority in a respectful manner if it feels unjust or unfair. I occasionally reacted harshly when my mother would not allow me to do certain activities such as going to the mall at night or cruising the local strip. I later understood why when my closest friend revealed she and other were sneaking into the woods to have sex and 2 people were killed in an incident on the cruising trip.I never reacted very strongly because my mother was the rule setter and I was the rule follower and I was scared to get into trouble too much to just defy her wishes.

Also employ the Authoritative parenting style with my son. Set rules and expect them to be followed and if not there are consequences to his actions. If the rule is somewhat flexible sometimes even discuss the rule and what he ask for his input and discuss it with him before setting it as well as discuss the consequence that will follow breaking it.My son is ADD and is very important he is clear on what the expectations and ensconce is in every situation and is quick to spin words to make it seems as though he was not breaking a rule. If he is tapping his feet and you say “stop tapping your feet” he will stop then resume tapping one foot, when you then scold him again he will say ‘You said to stop tapping your FEET, not stop tapping your FOOT” so when scolding have learned to say stop moving your feet and place them flat on the floor or will revoke TV time.

This affords him no room to twist my words to continue doing what he wants and also sets forth a consequence for not minding.