Parkinson’s like normal.As of right now, there

Parkinson’s DiseaseParkinson’s Disease is a long-term disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects the motor system, the symptoms usually come in more slowly than all at once. The cause is mainly unknown, but assumed to be from in environmental backgrounds. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease starts out with normally just the shaking in one hand, then it can spread to different parts of your body or just stay in your hands. As symptoms get worse, it can cause you to slur when you speak, shake constantly and not be able to get up and function like normal.As of right now, there is no cause for why so many people get this disease, it is just assumed to be what you grew up around and things you use on your body. But no two people will ever experience it the same way, but there will be some common symptoms. There is no specific set treatment for this disease either, it all differs on his/her symptoms and how bad they have them.

Treatment includes medication or it could get as serious as surgery. Other treatments you could do at home would be getting more rest, and exercise. There are many medications you could take for the symptoms, but not necessarily the cause.

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Staying on top of your meds and taking them regularly can help you a lot.Diagnosing Parkinson’s disease has no certain way, family or your regular doctor normally notices it on you, and brings the issue up. Your doctor will refer you to a physician and they will check your health history, run a physical and narrow it down to your options.Symptoms are very common in all types of Parkinson’s.

They start out small, and the longer you have it the worse they get. They start out with just shaking and trembling of your hand(s). It could get as bad as slurring speech, not being able to hold your body up, not being able to get up and walk, or do any kind of activity. You become very weak, your immune system lowers extremely and you are very brittle.

You tend to be very cold all the time, and you cannot control your body fluids, and you also have to take very short breaths during walking far or walking at all.Continuing with symptoms, the ‘Top 10 earliest signs,” would be:Trembling, Small handwriting, Loss of smell, Trouble sleeping, Trouble moving or walking, Constipation, a Soft or low voice, Masked face (your face constantly looks mad or upset,) Dizziness and Stooping or hunching over at all times.In all, it is really easy to live a good life with this disease, working with your doctors and family, also following all medications and guidelines given to you so it will make it easier on you.

People are constantly trying to find the cause and reason behind why people get this disease. Even though sometimes it causes no pain, it is very uncomfortable to have to deal with.Maria Scallion1st period, 1-30-18