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Part 1. Briefly explain problem associated with liver failure (reasons / scientific)(address the issue or problem)The Liver one of the largest internal organs and gland in the human body that sits on the right side of the stomach, weighs an approximate of 3-3.5 lbs. The main function of the liver includes filtering the blood from the digestive tract before the blood circulates through the rest of the body, it also works to metabolize drugs, detoxify chemicals and produces proteins imperative for blood clotting and in addition works with the pancreas and intestines to digest, absorb and process food. ┬áSo what is “Liver Failure”?, Liver Failure can be identified as a critical deterioration of the liver function.The problem commonly associated with Liver Failure is caused by Liver disorder or an even more common case among this generation is Alcohol Abuse, Genetic diseases and or Infection.Other causes relating to “Liver Failure” are, but not limited to Hepatitis ( involves the inflammation of the liver ), Cirrhosis (long-term damage, causes permanent scarring and inhibits the liver’s function capability), Liver Cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma is the most widespread type of liver cancer), Ascites (the process of the liver leaking fluids into the belly which swell and become burdensome to the body. Gallstones( cholangitis is a result of hepatitis(liver inflammation) and bile duct infection) and finally Hemochromatosis ( which is iron deposits in the liver, then circulates around the body causing several health issues.) As can be seen in Fig1. it shows the stages of liver damage from what’s considered to be a “normal” healthy liver to the stage of Cirrhosis, and as such emphasises the crucial vitality to maintain a healthy liver.The most frequent occurring symptoms involving “Liver Failure” include Jaundice (the yellowing of the skin and eyes) resulting in the loss of appetite, tired and weak sensations, as well as hepatic encephalopathy(which can cause fatigue or nausea).Other symptoms have the possibility of being a tendency to bruise and bleed easily(due to an deficiency in blood-clotting elements)pressure occurs more regularly this can also include shock) or an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen are better known as (ascites, which essentially causes the abdomen to swell). For identify whether someone has a “Liver Implication” or not, physical examination or blood tests are used.Long/Short Term results of “Liver Implications”Due to the Liver being incapacitated at specific stages, the Liver can not prolong an adequate process of bilirubin ( in technical terms a waste product when old red blood cells are broken down), A lack of proteins to help the blood clot due to absence in synthesization, and in other cases the blood pressure being carried through the veins from the intestine towards the liver can be abnormally high(Otherwise known as Portal Hypertension).