Patrick the bloody smear of Bloody John,

Patrick Jane is a hypnotist and a mentalist. For five years he was making money by assuring gullible and inspired people that he was communicating with the souls of their deceased relatives and everything in that spirit. Later he became a consultant in the California Bureau of Investigation (CBD) providing all possible assistance in the detection of crimes. The personality of Patrick Jane is the main clue of the film. Most part of the film is telling us a story about how Patrick Jane seeks revenge for the death of her family at the hands of “Red John”, the mysterious killer. Each episode of the series gives a quality detective, where the main character is on the side of the investigation, but he actively helps. Sometimes he is rude, cynical and simply unbearable, but his work benefits society. Compassion and a smile are mixed with the cynicism and humor of the Patrick Jane, constantly introducing into a frenzy and sometimes – fury, his superiors. He does not make a supernatural. He’s just attentive. Does what everyone can do – if there a desire!In the first season of the series, the main character has to take part in the investigation of a number of mysterious crimes: the bloody smear of Bloody John, the murder of a doctor and his patient, the murder of a surfing teenage girl, an incomplete series of murders, the mysterious disappearance of the owner of a casino network, the death of a leading specialist at the University of Leyland, etc.To investigate every crime, Patrick Jane finds a special approach: he uses his extraordinary attention, resorts to hypnosis, seeks unobvious clues, crushes witnesses, uses his knowledge of the human psyche. It is actually the main idea of the show.I would say that here we have a serial that is definitely worth watching. An excellent combination of drama, comedy, and thriller, with gentle notes of the action movie. My give the show ten out of ten because it is interesting and reliable at the emotional level. After watching you do not have that feeling that you wasted your time. During watching it I did not look at my phone to surf the internet in order to be productive instead of just watching boring comedy. It was not with this film. Without a doubt, it is a point.