Paul Mccartney: the Man Who Changed the World Essay

Miguel P. Paul McCartney: The Man Who Changed the World Paul McCartney is one of the most recognizable icons since the 60’s. Through his work with “The Beatles,” His solo career, or his works for animal right, he is one man who has changed society as we knew it. “I was born in Walton hospital on 18th June 1942,” (McCartney 2000) in Liverpool, England. In 1953, at the age of 11, Paul started attending the Liverpool Institute. Later on he met George Harrison on a bus ride home. They both attended grammar school rather than attending secondary-modern school. His mother, Mary McCartney, died of an embolism after a mastectomy operation.

The tragedy soon made him meet John Lennon, who he too had lost his mother around the same time. Paul’s father gave him a trumpet for him to play, but later on traded it for an acoustic guitar, on which he wrote his first song on. McCartney soon joined John Lennon’s band “The Quarry Men” and created a close bond to Lennon. In 1960, the band officially changed their name to “The Beatles” which from there they became a global icon. After the band’s breakup, Paul McCartney started his solo career with his band “Paul McCartney and Wings. ” He has been touring and writing new music ever since.

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Throughout 1960-70, The Beatles were everywhere around the world. Paul was a major contributor to the Rock & Roll band, as he was one of the main songwriters along with John Lennon. Their music is still popular throughout the 21st century and can be ultimately heard anywhere and everywhere in the world. During the time when he was with The Beatles, many movies and plays were released based on their music. There are many various themes on the music Paul McCartney wrote, but ultimately they’re mostly about love and the struggles and joys it comes with. He sings about joy of love in songs like “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” and “She Loves You. He also sings about the struggles in the song “Yesterday. ” For example “Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play, now I need a place to hide away…Why’d she have to go I don’t know, she wouldn’t say,” this explains how his girlfriend left him without giving him a reason. As being one of the most memorable people on the globe, Paul McCartney not only wrote and performed music, but is part of a great cause: animal rights. By using his fame, Paul helps millions of animals throughout the world. Paul and his late wife Linda coined the saying “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian. As an activist, Paul McCartney has opposed many anti-animal media trends. He sued McDonalds “after discovering that his likeness was on display in their Liverpool, England restaurant” (Lin 2008). His views have influenced his Late, ex, and current wives. Linda McCartney “started a vegetarian food company which continues to make frozen meals ‘”inspired by Linda’s home cooking. ’”(Lin 2011) His ex-wife, Heather Mills, donated $50,000 to animal rights. And his current wife strongly opposed a fur bra advertisement. “Sir” Paul McCartney has done a substantial amount of work toward animal rights.

Since joining the cause, he has helped millions of animals in need and brought more light on to the problem so more people can be involved. Unlike many other celebrities the media targets, they actually have done a great job respecting and praising McCartney’s work. Paul is a great example of how a wealthy elderly man can be unselfish and generous to people and animals who never got the chance to be where he is. This shows how more people should live like McCartney’s lifestyle; as a generous man who wants to make a change in the world, even though he already has changed modern society as we know it.