Pc are our long haul deals illustrative of

                              Pc Financial (SDI)

                       175 Galaxy Blvd, Suite
202, Toronto, Ontario, M9W 0C9, Canada

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Duncan Cameron

123 Dundas Street

Toronto ON

N5Y 3N1


Dear Duncan Cameron,

We have delighted in a positive and productive working association among
you and PC financial (SDI) company. In the course of the most recent two years,
we have observed you to be an awesome help in satisfying our sales organization’s
objectives. Your help has been important in convince customers to apply for PC


As you know, PC Financial’s organization change its baselines and
execution edges fixing to the PC Financial business, and thusly we are
constrained to assess our present structure and necessities. In spite of the
fact that the way that we have gotten a kick out of a productive working
relationship some time recently. You have done astonishing for this
organization and I value your everything diligent work that you improved the
situation this organization.


After took a look on everyone’s performance, it will noticed that your
performance reduced slightly day-by day. As you know, we need employees who can
do work according to new baselines of the work format.  According to latest work terminologies, every
worker have to obtain 0.85 APH. The company noticed that it will be difficult
for you to obtain that APH after took a look on your performance. So we are
therefore ending you from our organization on these foundations and expectation
you can apply to such positions in different organizations which require less
measure of vitality use.


Much thanks to you indeed and wish you proficient achievement. I will be
glad to give you our lobby of distinction grant as you are our long haul deals
illustrative of our PC Financial (SDI).



Sincerely yours,

Asfak Patel