PDF During EBook Reading Unlike printed book,


PDF Books (Portable Document Format) are gradually taking over from traditional paperback offerings and the reasons are not exactly far-fetched. The whys include portability, availability, and cost of purchasing them.

Books are now more secured when stored in eBook formats across our various devices than when they are in hardcopy where they are exposed to hazards like moisture and of course losing a book. PDF Books are now the leading digital book format, and accessibility to different titles has never been so easy and what is more, they consume as little space as is necessary and are totally portable via most consumer devices.

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Advantages of PDFs Over Paperback

1. Instant Delivery

This is paramount of course, as you no longer have to wait 2 to 3 days to receive your books after payment or weeks as is the case for those buying books outside their country of residence. Once your payment for a particular book is complete, you will be provided with a link to download them in any format like PDF books, ePubs and kindle to read at your own convenience.

This way, you no longer have to waste a lot of time waiting for the arrival of those favorite books that you have been looking for.

2. Cost of PDF Books

The price tags on digital dooks is much cheaper and reasonable than those on print books. This of course also includes saving you the shipping cost or the cost of moving them from one location to another. You can also find discounts on books that you buy online. All you have to do is find the coupon code for them and use them when purchasing your books.

Nowadays, some books that you would have to buy at bookshops ordinarily can be found online for free, and you can read good reviews and synopses of them.  You can find free pdf books on sites like obooko.com.

3. Environmental Friendly

Quite unlike print books, pdf books do not require any material manufacturing process. Therefore to read an eBook, you don’t need to fell trees for their production thereby leading to a more ecological advantage.

Also, eBooks are much easier to handle and don’t require any much effort in handling and keeping them safe.

4. Lot of Facilities Introduced During EBook Reading

Unlike printed book, a wide range of viewing tools that make reading easier and fun are available in PDF Books.

Readers can easily highlight texts, bookmark pages and even check for definitions to unknown words with inbuilt dictionaries. One can even search for a particular word in a whole array of texts while reading.

5. Saves Space

EBooks don’t require shel spaceor a library in your room. They just need tiny spaces in your gadgets and you are good to go. You can store as many eBooks as you want in the disc space your device: hundreds in fact.

6. Portability

Digital books are easy to move around. Because they are always on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone you don’t have to carry piles of heavy printed books around with you.

EBooks have a lot of other advantages, which are mainly cost, portability and storage inclined.

A popular site that offers free PDF books to download is obooko.com, which has been online for many years.