People The predictable standard that Chinese people eat

People seem to be change who they really are. Due to the fact, they want impression others of who they are becoming. They are not proud in their situation; maybe it is their perspective and personality that they are concerned about. Neither way, people will try to be someone else to become known of who they are. In American-born Chinese, Yang mainly highlight on differences stereotypes about Chineses population/people and difficult to blend in American. Chin-kee, one of the main characters, and play an important role that influences Danny and Jin’s life greatly. However, Jin Wang the main actor that faces with problems of trying to fit in, of his identity and the stereotypes along with changes himself in order to blend in.                 Chin-Kee is garish and an unpleasant person. He can’t speak english properly because of his Chinese accent. He, too is very stereotypical of a Chinese person coming to America. He visits his cousin Jin Wang, but Chin-Kee is having problems of fitting in. However, Jin Wang is embarrass of taking Chin-Kee everywhere he goes. Chin-Kee speaks very difference, due to his accent and little knowledge of English. When he enters the house, he is ignorant. His luggage is Chinese take-out containers and he blurts out, “Harro Amellica” to his cousin (48). The predictable standard that Chinese people eat their own kind of food. It is illustrated here through the Chinese take-out luggage. Another stereotype is the way he talks. Some people thinks Chinese people have a speech problem and can’t speak properly. Chin-kee just wants to fit in with his cousin, and does not know what normal means.                The stereotype of ” Chinese people are really smart” is mainly highlight of constructure Chin-Kee. To other people, it is consider not instantly perceived as “negative”. For readers who excavate in deeper, this stereotype affect more on education situation of how people from Chinese descent whom do not think this is a “positive” stereotype. Every day in American society, classmates look to their Asian mate to provide the answers or get help to any questions. They do not know in every course they take. Nevertheless, this outrageous conclude will hurts the Asian students. They might feel uncomfortable with their intellectual abilities. Asian students as the “model student” will excludes a lot of students who actually have problems, improving their classes and those whom really need help. Other classmates are hesitate to give the students straightforwardly because their friends do not regard helping their endeavor Asian mate as an actual necessity. By “poking” fun and guide through the light of Asian stereotypes, Yang prescribe views that stereotypes are still happen today.Throughout my two years in Waipahu high school, I have felt as same as Chin-Kee, because I have chosen wrong friends. They were embarrassed of who I really am and wanting me to change my identity. Nonetheless, my Asian friends stuck with me being helpful and gave me hope of the person I am now. Asian people might be weird but they are real friend, who are willing to help you pass your comfortable zone. As we, people love to admire others and wanting to get attention of who they are becoming to or their different identity. Well, we do not need to change who we are to get where we want. However we simply go with the flows cause there are a lot of opportunity waiting for you.