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People used to strive to be unique.  Women desired to be like no other.  Now, if you don’t have long hair, fake lashes, big lips, and are skinny but with curves, you aren’t considered pretty by the social standard.  Not only have physical characteristics started to look the same, but every girl has begun to develop similar styles.  Every woman is now dressing the same, styling their hair in similar styles, and using identical make-up techniques.  It is almost like women are sheep, afraid to stray away from the herd.  Now, what is to blame, you ask?Well, I’ve done some research and I’ve come to the conclusion that social media, and the effects it has on today’s society, is the main culprit.  Instagram, for example, can be viewed as the worst app for your self esteem.  It makes confident women insecure; making them feel as though they aren’t doing something right or not showing enough skin, leaving these women craving attention.  This makes me wonder if other women are beginning to realize this as well. This generation has the most amount of pressure, that women have ever been in, to alter the way you look. Social media has ruined individuality.  We live in a time where a culture praises altering the way you look.  We live in a society that would rather promote objectifying women instead of viewing the more important aspects of a woman: their intellect, natural beauty, or talent.”In the past 40 years, culture has stepped beyond setting an ideal image of beauty for women to aspire to; now it sets an impossible image, As a result, a generation of copycats is emerging, all with long, straightened hair, stick thin figures, caramel tans, and the heavy make-up that their role models are never seen without.”  Jean KilbournWomen are portraying their bodies to the world just so they can feel good about themselves with unconventional compliments: likes and follows.  Hard to believe, I know.  There is nothing empowering about being just another “blonde bimbo.”  There is nothing empowering about losing your true identity.  A paradoxical point for you to ponder on for a while: Women feel bad about themselves, causing them to post their bodies on social media for reassurance, just to feel bad about themselves for doing it.Maybe, if this problem ever comes to light, we can decide as a whole that social media is doing nothing but hurting us as a generation. Maybe, we can make the conscious decision to stop searching for ourselves in others and be authentically ourselves. This problem has an easy fix, abandon all social media, because girls self-esteems are lowering on the daily; we just all have to make the decision that that is what’s best for us.Social media has had a colossally negative effect on this generation as a whole.  Women should be embracing individuality instead of trying to mimic everything Kylie Jenner is doing at the moment.  What this generation of women doesn’t seem to notice is that the more you alter your appearance while you’re actually youthful, the older you’re going to look when you become old.  The more they push their true identity aside, the harder it is going to be to find that person when they go searching again.  So if my opinion is of any importance, stop taking those “daily vitamins,” stop putting those damaging extensions in your hair and start living original.