People brain to the body, which controls

People change as they get older throughout their life. Our brain can function the way we act and the way we feel. It’s like a nucleus, the control center of the system. The brain is usually influenced by the surrounding environment and the experience that people get. That is what leads to knowledge, new invention, and the process of thinking. We keep what we know and learn inside our thoughts. The memorizing and the daily functions that the brain does is what makes us human. Helping us through challenges, making good decisions, and thinking.The human brain is part of the nervous system. How we move and react is related to the nervous system. The brain of a human is known to be the largest of all vertebrates relative to body size. The scientifically, the size of a brain weighs about 3.3 lbs inside a human. In the brain, it consist of 86 billion nerve cells known as neurons, which are connected by more than trillions of connections or in other words synapses. The brainstem is linked to the spinal cord and is taking information from the brain to the body, which controls our movement. In the brain, the largest part is the cerebrum. It is divided into two hemispheres. In the human brain, It is developed from three sections. The three sections are known to be the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain, which contains ventricles. These parts are the basic information of a brain.The brain of a human from the day where you born starts to develop on third weeks, but everyone is different, therefore they do not mature at the same rate. A brain can also be known as neural. The brain has not yet been fully develope until the age of 25, but most people tends to say that teens are adults at age 18. Some teens are not responsible as other. Everyone is different and that it makes them who they are and how they are unique. Most of the given privileges and responsibilities are usually allowed at the age of 18. Science has made lots of research, it was concluded that “the brain involved in decision-making are not fully developed until years later atage 25 or so.” Therefore, not everybody is the same and that one should appreciate what they have.The thinking and memorizing takes place in the brain. The frontal lobes is located in the center and is the rational thinking and how you interact with the environment around you. There are positive ways and negative ways when it comes to what you think and what you are going to do. The positive way is that people make great decisions and choose to stay a healthy-life. Their good decision making helps them strive for successful and achieve their goals. In a negative, they tends to make bad decisions. Their thinking makes them do bad things that leads to trials. During these trials, some refuses to claim that what they did was wrong. They claimed that they have neural problems and that it was not their action. So brain plays an important role in your daily life.Brains are different and is not the same for everyone. ┬áThere has been many study cases that lead researcher to many conclusions. Scientist has notice that a brain of a males has more volume than a brain of a females. The process of thinking and actions are both different. These process begin in the brain starting from the stem. It sits under the cerebrum and in front of the cerebellum. These connections are linked with the nervous system, which causes our actions. When people have problems dealing with their nerves or brain, there are specific doctors for it. Therefore not everybody is the same.When you have disorder that affects in the area around brain, along the spinal cord, and in the nerves, there are specific doctor that takes care of it. These type of doctors are known as neurologist who specializes in neurology. This leads to healthy and unhealthy brain. A healthy brain has a smooth surface with symmetrical blood flow and activities. An unhealthy brain has many holes on its surface. Those areas usually have little or low flows of blood and a very poor activity. This is usually cause by alcohol abuse, which is an excessive amount of alcohol intake in a person’s body.What influences a brain is your environment, what you see, and your experiences. Life experiences many things that comes and goes. These experiences influence the brain development usually in children. This usually brings curiosity to a person who’s brain is still developing, wanting to learn more and have experience of their surrounding. Some of these influences have positive and negative effects. Positive effects would be that people learn more, which helps them in their life. They can also use their knowledge and express with others so they can also have the knowledge. Negative effects are if a person stays around people who makes them smoke, do risky things, and watch certain things that should not be allowed. These bad influences gets them no where in life and that it will ruin their career.Even though I am with the death penalty, it should not be taken to an extreme level until the age of 25. The age of 25 is usually where the brain is fully developed. The best decision making and thinking is during that age and that people tends to be more responsible. Death penalty is a punishment of execution and usually consist of electrocution, lynching/hanging, lethal injection, firing squad, lethal gas, stoning, etc. The youngest person who received death penalty is an African-American boy name George Stinney Jr. He was executed at the age of 14 because he killed two young white girls. Even though he had received death penalty, he should been in jail instead. Therefore death penalty should be taken serious at the age of 25 so that people who are young should get a chance to redeem themselves and change the way they think and make better and healthier decisions.