Personal Attributes Required In The Hotel Industry Essay

Hotels and motels are non merely places where one can obtain great nutrient and comfy suites ; they are besides the centre of community life, with installations for meeting, amusement, communicating and personal service. Their stock in trade has ever been cordial reception and service, and hotel and motel have made an art of distributing comfort, delighting the roof of the mouth and making an ambiance of place for invitees.

Dr. Robert A. Beck, former dean of the School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University, and an eminent adviser, describes the challenges and chances of the Hotel industry.

“ The cordial reception industry offers today ‘s immature work forces and immature adult females a most interesting and exciting calling. Management of a hotel or a eating house calls for a broad scope of capablenesss. Guests must be received with amity and provided with comfy, well-designed, and tastily decorated milieus. They need appetizing, wholesome nutrient that has been sagely bought, decently stored, skilfully prepared, and gracefully served.

Assorted other comfortss in public countries, conference and exhibit suites, communicating systems, and travel systems are required for proper invitee service. Further, a staff of employees must be recruited, trained, and motivated to supply hospitable service. Furthermore, all must be successfully coordinated to return a net income to the constitution ‘s investors. For those wishing a rewarding and disputing life in service to their fellow adult male, a hereafter in the cordial reception field should surely be considered. ”

Skills and Personal Properties:

Social Skills:

At the nucleus of this profession is service and cordial reception, so people need to bask working with people and assisting to learn, inform and entertain them. Social skills by and large include speaking to people and doing them experience at easiness with the individual. If the individual does non possess first-class societal accomplishments, so it will be really hard for him to last in the service industry. A invitee would ne’er wish to remain at a hotel where the staff is stiff and unfriendly no affair how beautiful and comfy the hotel is.

Respectful, Patient and Tolerant:

Graciousness is one of the cardinal personal accomplishments needed in the service industry. At times, the client will truly test forbearance but at times like that one must be polite with cranky, choleric clients. It is of import to retrieve to ne’er dispute with the client as he is the ground for your staff of life and butter.

The most basic quality in a director is for him to be respectful to others. Pride is the most cherished thing to people and if the director takes that off from his employees, they will ne’er swear him once more. That will do pull outing work from them really hard. A director ‘s occupation is to do certain that the employees are larning, turning and executing to their extreme potency and that can merely be achieved through a relationship of common trust and kindness.

Leadership Skills:

A leader ‘s occupation is to assist others make their best part towards a shared end. Leaderships inspire others to move by puting a good illustration. They drive and doggedness goads others on. Leaderships motivate others through common trust. The leader must swear his teammate ‘s abilities and willingness to prosecute a end. The most basic undertakings of a leader include actuating others, giving and taking unfavorable judgment, forming a undertaking, deputing duty, work outing jobs and doing determinations and supervising the squad ‘s advancement and scene ends for himself and his squad.

Business Skills:

Business accomplishments are of import for any employee in the hotel industry. He should hold sound cognition of the profitableness facet of his hotel. He should be wholly cognizant of the organisations ends and the schemes developed to accomplish those ends. He should cognize beginnings and methods of the support and direction of the resources. Business accomplishments besides include human resource direction and deputing work and resources.

Valuing Diverseness:

Working with diverseness and single differences is one of the most ambitious issues faced in the recent times. These differences managed positively can further creativeness, better determination devising, higher public presentation and competitory advantage. In the hotel industry, one is invariably run intoing people from different civilizations, backgrounds and linguistic communication.

It is indispensable to non merely understand but besides respect people from diverse societies and locations. A individual can understand more about culturally different people by going around the universe and interacting with such people. Besides that, reading can besides learn a individual much about different imposts and traditions. It is of import that the invitees experience right at place when they visit your hotel and the lone manner to make that is to do the environment as near to their ain environment as possible.

Inventiveness and Imagination:

Since the hotel industry is a extremely competitory industry, the client must non merely hold a good but a delicious experience to derive his trueness. For this, employees in the hotel industry must present originality, creativeness and imaginativeness in their service. It is besides indispensable that they are besides given adequate resources and authorization by their employers in their undertakings to wholly fulfill the client.

Inventory Management Skills:

Inventory direction accomplishments include buying, stock control and ware show. Inventory direction accomplishments consist of proper be aftering scheme of the stock and supplies to be purchased, how they will be transported to the finish, where they will be stored, when will the new stock be ordered and how long will it take to be delivered. Since the hotel industry is extremely competitory and epicure is an indispensable portion of the hotel industry, it is indispensable that the nutrient served is ever fresh, cooked good and nicely presented. Along with that, it is of import for the individual pull offing the stock list to be a good negotiant so that he may acquire maximal public-service corporation out of the monetary value paid for the supply.


In the hotel industry one is changeless negociating with clients, co-workers, and providers and demands to be rather adept at it.

Technical Skills:

Technical accomplishments are the apprehension of and proficiency of specific undertakings. Technical accomplishments include command of the methods, techniques and equipment involved in specific maps such as technology, fabrication and finance. Technical accomplishments include specialised cognition, analytical ability, and the competent usage of tools and techniques to work out the jobs in that specific subject.

Many directors get promoted to their first direction occupations by holding first-class proficient accomplishments. However, proficient accomplishments become less of import than human and conceptual accomplishments as directors move up the hierarchy. Technical accomplishments are rather of import in the hotel industry as one will invariably be utilizing or oversing usage of new systems and equipments and demands to be an expert at it.

Active Hearer:

Active hearing is one of the most powerful personal and direction tools. It involves more than merely hearing. It involves your powers of observation as good. Detecting organic structure linguistic communication is besides a portion of active hearing as frequently the words wholly contradict the organic structure linguistic communication. It is the procedure of taking action to assist person say precisely what he or she truly means and so using that information to the best possible manner. In the service industry, active hearing is highly of import as it determines the efficiency and the effectivity of the service delivered to the clients.

(two ) sample curriculum vitae:
Career Objective:

To work in a esteemed organisation that can heighten my accomplishments and give me an chance to larn and lend in professional environment.

Educational Background:
Bachelors in Hotel Management from Boston University in 1997.

Technical Skills:
MS Office, Internet and Email

Proficiency in SQL.

Soft accomplishments:

To run into Customer satisfaction

Communication Skills

Time direction accomplishments.

Team Coordination

Event direction

Job Experience:
Worked as a helper – forepart office in ABC Hotel – from 2005 to 2007

Worked as a hotel Asst. director – XYZ Hotel – from 2007 boulder clay day of the month.

Traveling, Music, Dining out with friends.

Handled clients questions and ailments via calls, electronic mails and facsimile etc

Monitored and supervise all employees ‘ responsibilities.

Administered complete hotel operations

Part 2
Social Skills:

I believe I have good societal accomplishments since I like interacting with people and acquiring to cognize them. I have a friendly personality due to which people find it easy to speak to me. They are at easiness with me. Often, I have besides been the entertainer of my equal group and amongst friends. I besides believe in assisting people out without anticipating any wages in return. In college I am a portion of several societies so I am invariably run intoing new people and working with them.

Respectful, Patient and Tolerant:

Since childhood I have been a portion of several community services. The experience at that place has taught me how to be patient, tolerant and respectful towards people. A batch of times, we come across people who prove to be rather hard and working with them can be rather ambitious, but I ‘ve learned really early that niceness can turn any frown into a smiling and I apply the same regulation in my life.

Leadership Skills:

Bing a portion of several community services and a few societies at the university, I have besides had the chance to take a few groups. The most recent experience is taking a group of people who were chosen to fix an extended concern program on a new concern initiated. Here we had to see several organisations and people, gather relevant market information, behavior research and develop a whole concern program that comprised of the selling and publicity program excessively. As a leader I took upon myself to depute undertakings to the group members, give them deadline for the undertaking, oversee their work and public presentation and actuate them to work towards the end.

Business Skills:

Having classs of concern surveies has taught me a batch of how a concern should be conducted efficaciously. But I do believe that concern direction is a accomplishment that can non be excelled at until one gets practical experience in the same.

Valuing Diverseness:

Since I am a portion of several societies, run intoing people from different civilizations and diverse backgrounds is rather common. The challenge I face here is to understand their imposts and traditions and esteeming them. Some words of actions that are rather respectful here may turn out to be rather violative to them, so one has to be rather careful while working with them. One advantage of working with people from diverse backgrounds is the coevals of new and alone thoughts that one is introduced to. These differences managed positively can further creativeness, better determination devising, higher public presentation and competitory advantage.

Inventory Management Skills:

This summer I had an internship at a local motel where I was helping in stock list direction. My day-to-day responsibilities consisted of physically numbering and maintaining records of the stock and topographic point order when the supplies were near to their last phases. I besides had to do certain that the supplies I ordered were delivered on clip and do a cheque that the delivered supplies were fresh. I was able to manage the occupation expeditiously and it gave me a great experience in the universe of stock list direction.

Technical Skills:

I believe I do non hold the best proficient accomplishments at the clip as these are accomplishments that are polished with clip and experience. But I do possess proficiency in utilizing the Microsoft Office and can read do studies and fiscal statements and construe them. With clip, I believe I shall be more expert in proficient accomplishments.

Active Hearer:

I use active hearing accomplishments every twenty-four hours while pass oning with my schoolmates, friends and even household. By carefully detecting their organic structure linguistic communication and reiterating of import words of what they are stating, I make certain that I understand precisely what they are seeking to pass on to me to avoid any misinterpretations. Active hearing is a really of import accomplishment that is utile in all facets of life whether it is college life, household life or work life.

Part 3
Brooding Learning:

This faculty has been really helpful for me in footings of personal development. A few of the accomplishments that I think I must learn/posses are as follows:

Peoples ‘s Person:

One thing I have learned is that one needs to be a people ‘s individual. Directors are mostly concerned with covering with people – their staff and their internal and external clients. But people ‘s behaviour is frequently unpredictable ; their demands and responses are conditioned by invariably altering fortunes in which they exist, the force per unit areas to which they have to react and their single wants and needs. To cover with all this, one needs to hold first-class people ‘s accomplishments.

Become Achievement/Results Oriented:

To last in the professional universe, one needs to go achievement/results oriented. This includes the desire to acquire things done good and the ability to put and run into ambitious ends, create new steps of excellence and invariably seeking ways to bettering public presentation. But going accomplishment oriented is non easy. This requires proper and vigorous planning and anticipating all future obstructions and happening ways to run into them.


Assertiveness means standing up for your ain rights in such a manner that you do non go against others individual ‘s rights. Here, you are showing your demands, wants, and sentiments, feelings in beliefs in a direct, honest and appropriate mode. Behaving assertively puts you in a place of being able to act upon people decently and respond to them positively.

Business Awareness:

It is highly of import to hold concern consciousness in order to last in the concern universe. The capacity continually to place and research concern chances, understand the concern chances and precedences of the organisation and invariably seeking methods of guaranting that the organisation becomes more businesslike.

Excellent Communication Skills:

Communication is an indispensable tool in the professional life no affair which industry or sector you belong to. The ability to pass on clearly and persuasively, orally and in authorship goes a long manner. The communicating accomplishments besides include detecting the non-verbal communicating. It means listening to the words that are being said but besides use other hints that convey its significance. Several things clue the non verbal communicating, for illustration, the form of the eyes, the musculuss of the face, even position.


Collaborating is the work platform of the twenty-first century. It is the prototype of the “ we ” workplace, where widening petition and first-class service to fellow workers is the foundation of all interactions. Collaboration takes advantage of the most effectual actions possible because it focuses on and use the alone gifts and strengths of the many. Everyone ‘s accomplishments complement and reenforce one another ‘s. Collaboration creates and energy that inspires and motivates.

Through coaction, people gain a stronger grasp for how their attempts align, add value, and produce consequences for the company. One more point about coaction is pertinent. Savvy directors know that coaction requires employees to be a portion of something larger than themselves – a undertaking with significance and importance. To that terminal, they artfully help employees release self-importance behaviours, replacing them with reciprocally good 1s.

They act consciously to guarantee that every individual knows how much his or her part adds to the undertaking ‘s success. As companies move to more practical undertakings executed globally, using a host of practical communicating engineerings, coaction challenges with strength. Constructing your coaction accomplishments allows you to manage disparate work spread across assorted civilizations and times zones and to exceed assorted boundaries. It becomes your scheme for conveying out the best in each individual.

Working Under Unpredictable Fortunes:

One is non ever in a place to command events and state of affairss that affect their work. Sudden demands are imposed from within the organisation or from outside. The best laid programs are hence disrupted and the established precedences are abandoned. In these state of affairss, one needs to be able to manage such fortunes and do speedy determinations as they arise.

Periodic Trainings:

Periodic preparations are really of import to maintain the employees up to day of the month with the current systems and tendencies. Many establishments are now offering preparations to their concern executives as a agency of developing accomplishments. These preparations prove to be really utile in originating and advancing entrepreneurship. Trainings are required to acquire sound cognition of proficient and non-technical accomplishments. International preparations are besides a good forum for the director to make new personal relationships and interact with new people.

Analyze Past Mistakes And Note Down Learning Points:

One manner to larn from past errors is to analyse what went incorrect and inquire oneself that if I had the opportunity what I would make otherwise. Even if one fails to accomplish a certain end, alternatively of being discouraged he should jot down points of what he has learned from the state of affairs and if he had to confront a similar state of affairs once more, what would he make otherwise the following clip. Soul-searching is a really effectual acquisition method.

Interacting With Peoples From Different Cultures And Environments:

To further broaden one ‘s skyline, one invariably needs to interact with people from different environments are civilizations. This enables us to larn about the different cultural kineticss and allow travel of our preconceived impressions. This manner one besides learns to utilize that cultural diverseness to the organisation ‘s advantage. When a group of people from different civilizations come together originality and creativeness is introduced. In today ‘s twenty-four hours and age, where metropoliss are going more and more metropolitan, it is of import to be able to interact with and respect people from different topographic points and appreciate their difference.

Part 4
personal development program:
What is the general country in which I need to larn?
Develop proficient accomplishments refering to my professional life.

How have I established such demand?
I have come to cognize that I am non rather as proficient in proficient accomplishments and they are an indispensable demand for the sort of profession I wish to prosecute.

What is the purpose of my acquisition?
I aim to be adept at proficient accomplishments.

What are the specific aims I need to accomplish?
Demonstrate grounds of betterment in these accomplishments.

How make I mean to accomplish these aims?
I plan to take classs in new systems and package that are presently being used in the organisations. I shall besides read about the new systems and package, their intent and part in the overall organisations ends.

What is my timescale?
On-going, I plan to maintain practicing and larning new systems and package to maintain myself adept.