Personal Development Plan Essay

            My personal mission is to hone my management skills so that I can be a good example to my fellow Chinese who aspire to become successful managers and businessmen in the future. My strong belief in our Chinese culture in terms of handling interpersonal relationships, my skill in easily establishing social connections and my strong interest in planning and executing plans to the best of my capabilities will help drive my aspiration to contribute to my fellowmen and to the rest of the world. The values that I hold such as respect for tradition and history as well as foresight into the possible things that may happen will also aid my desire to serve as a role model for others.

            Within the next five years in my life, I will be a college graduate who is already equipped with the proper knowledge and training in preparation for the challenges in the real world. Some of these challenges include the task of starting my own business or working for a company as a manager. In order to get there, it is important that I should practice my management skills constantly, from the simple things such as managing my personal time and devoting ample time to my various activities to the more complex things such as scouting for potential employment opportunities even while I am still attending school. It is important that I should be able to plan and prepare ahead of time so that I can formulate my own course of action which I can follow and modify the rest of the way.            I will also strive to get as much feedback as possible so that I can be able to learn and adjust myself according to how others see my personality.

Key to achieving that goal is to constantly communicate with the people around me, sharing with them the things that I know and asking for their comments and suggestions on how I can improve my management skills. Within the span of five years, I will continue and strive hard to meet my personal expectations and to master my management skills with the help of others, my personal beliefs and my cultural values.            The strengths that I have include my strong interpersonal relations with others, my awareness of the Chinese culture with regard to managing a good business and my personal life and my inclination to effectively and efficiently manage my available resources. I also see my capabilities to communicate with other people and to engage them in a useful discussion as some of my other strengths.            On the other hand, some of the weaknesses that I have include my slight difficulty in accepting changes that can possibly alter some of my personal beliefs.

My tendency to hold-on tightly to an idea when there can be a better alternative can drag me down and away from reaching my immediate and short-term goals in life. Another weakness that I have is my tendency to easily lose my patience when I am unable to immediately resolve a problematic situation. Although I am trying to change that attitude, I know I still have to further work on that weakness because a short patience can result to negative consequences not only to my immediate goals but also to my long-term goals of managing my own business or working in a prominent company and sharing my knowledge with my fellowmen.            Over the next three years, I may encounter several opportunities such as getting a new management job while still attending school, getting a scholarship for my course or being involved in small business activities outside of the academic institution.            Some of the threats that I may encounter include getting poor grades in my academic pursuits, lack of financial support in my schooling, failure to get hired or to establish my own small business venture or getting fired from a job in less than a month after being employed.