Personal Fitness and Activities Improves Quality of Life Essay

Personal Fitness & Activities Self Reflection Physical activity plays an important role in well-being and health in a life of a person , people who are physically active live longer , healthier and they are more productive. What I learned about fitness is that it starts by gradually increasing the time tattoo are physical and decrease the time you are inactive It is important to start slowly with smaller goals and take advantage of simple activities and asks .

In the beginning Of the Semester I could barely do 5 minutes Of cardiac and by doing consistent cardiac and trying to walk more to places instead of using the car, can now do up to 40 minutes of cardiac also in the beginning of our cardiac endurance unit I could barely run 2 laps around the track and during the end of the unit we did a adulthood which included 5 laps and biking in the spin room and finished it , even thou it took me longer than the other arils felt great and accomplished in the end .

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My fitness lever had a big impact on my daily life it helped Control my weight , Strengthen my bones and muscles Improve mental health and mood and exercising Increases chances of living longer , Exercising helps to prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. When I engaged in physical activity, burned calories and so far this semester I have lost 8 pound and I feel a lot stronger because I gained muscles .