Personal Reaction Essay

My Personal Reaction On the Documentary –The weight of the Nation Part 2 Watching this documentary opened my eyes, making me aware of the multiple cases of obesity in the United States of America. Currently there are many cases throughout the world and it is increasing as I write. Obesity is a disease for which multiple factors contribute to both activate and cure .

One can become obese by the following factors or a combination of them. Overeating and lack of exercise, passed on through genes, medical conditions and/or intake of medicines, depression, stress, anxiety and other emotional concerns.It is important to maintain a healthy diet and consume the various food groups in correct proportions. Each food group has a vital role to perform in the daily operation of your body and when taken in recommended proportions it creates you into a healthy all round person ready to take on the world. However if not taken as recommended one will run into difficulties. Fast food lovers often eat at Marios, Kfc, McDonalds just to name a few. Eating at fast food outlets is not bad at all, it becomes bad when an individual adds it to their everyday routine.

In the documentary a victim was on a school based programme and she was advised to monitor her calorie intake, after which she began to lose weight. Watching what you eat and taking nutrients in correct proportions is the key to maintain a healthy intake. Diet and Exercise and/or Physical activity goes hand in hand. Obesity can be cured by both but it starts with the individual/s wanting to make that change first. It is recommended that an individual should exercise for forty five minutes each day.By watching this video I can clearly see that the victims did not practice having balanced diets in correct proportions and exercise for forty five minutes.

Beside exercising to burn calories it also promotes overall improvement, it enables your brain to work well helping you to think accurately and ensuring that other processes within the body be carried out successfully. My heart goes out for the victims who inherit obesity through their genes. In this case it wasn’t their fault.Victims that are obese because of intake of medicines to treat medical conditions are sad cases.

Think about it! While battling with one disease and taking medicine for cure, the medicine that supposes to be for cure causes a massive increase in the individual’s weight. Isn’t that sad? As a result of all the above cases one might be suicidal since they cannot seem to fit in. Their self esteems would be low since they would have issues loving and accepting themselves for who they are. They would be criticized and treated with scant courtesy because of their sizes.They would be attracted to the opposite sex like any other person however they would be turn down because of the way they look in most cases. Some might reach to the point where they would do anything to fit in for example buy friends or even prostitute. Other than those previous uncomfortable situations, Obesity can be life threatening, if not treated obesity can lead to death.

Could you imagine eating your way to death? This is very scary and It brings me to a point of reflection. When I think of this I feel to exercise immediately. This video woke me up and encouraged me to improve my lifestyle.

Exercise and balanced diets should be incorporated in every individual’s daily diets. I think that in some cases of obesity individuals are just lackadaisical, they eat, sleep, use their vehicles to get around and use advantage of technology. This encourages immobility. In cases where Obesity is inherited through genes and intake of medicines is really sad because they have no control over it. With depression and other emotional conditions this have a chance of being corrected by professionals located in organizations designed specifically to help with these situations.

So most cases can be cured but as I said before it first starts with the individual and their mind set to work towards it so as a result can be cured. People should not take obesity for granted since it affects all aspects within one’s life. It can break you down an individual until they find themselves/theirself worthless, it messes with your mind and can cause you to be suicidal.

It can take your life and put your family in distress of finding a coffin to house your body.