Geography at UC in California Essay

I have come to a point in life that many people have non. I have made a steadfast determination to recommit myself to prosecuting my dreams. While there are those who believe that with an ounce of fortune and a ton of continuity anything can be accomplished. I believe that there is no ground to use so much energy and trust on fortune. I believe in taking clasp of my fate and carving out a hereafter for myself based on the determinations that I make in life.

Life is merely excessively short and excessively cherished to be left to luck entirely. This is why I have chosen to go on in the chase of my higher instruction in Geography at UC in California. There have been so many chances in life that I have non been able to take advantage of because of the fight of the on the job environment. I believe that this experience and background of mine will assist me prosecute this dream. Bing an expert in this class is merely the beginning of a long journey for me.

I realize that it will non be easy and I look frontward to that challenge. In the short term. I see myself finishing this grade and carry throughing the demands for this class. I believe that this experience will be sufficient to fix me for the following measure which is using for a good internship place that will give me the preparation that I need. I finally plan to prosecute larger ends such as taking a doctorial grade and possibly get downing my ain concern.

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As the universe continues to alter and the workplace becomes more and more ambitious and competitory. it becomes imperative for anyone looking for a successful calling to non merely have the thrust to win but besides the preparation and expertness to make so. Bing able to see all these great and fantastic civilizations has created me to be more open-minded on sensitive topics or people. One tends to give people the benefit of the uncertainty first no prejudgement. Two old ages of my high school were spent life in Malaysia. which caused me to appreciate all civilizations.

I am confident. therefore. that the rich and diverse academic community at UC will decidedly be the perfect topographic point for me to larn and be prepared for the challenges that lie in front. Give my experiences in life and being a persevering pupil. I have personally experienced how much good work ethic can lend to the promotion of one’s dream. I have worked indefatigably in the chase of my instruction because it is said that the one thing that cipher can of all time take away from you is your instruction. and that is the one thing that I plan to non merely derive for myself but for others every bit good.

I have learned from my parents the critical importance of the jurisprudence of giving. and I am both attracted and committed to this theoretical account of community service. peculiarly that “students apply accomplishments to consequence societal alteration. ” A pupil. I believe that my experiences as a have shown my committedness to community service for this is a testament to the character of my female parent. a populating testimony to the good will that I would wish to portion. As Eleanor Roosevelt one time said. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” .

The real world of business Essay

Furthermore, economics can translate complex real world situation into simple models and formulas. Through consciously reading massive books on economics, I entered the world of economics. I have many new understandings of the world. In addition, I found the study of economics can’t ignore the powerful impetus and the instruction the philosophy gives.

Hence, read some books about philosophy which not only helps me better solve conomic cases, but also arouse further thinking about economics. The greatest economic idea may be a little inspiration or a little thought, even seemingly insignificant, but the result will be tangible. It is for exactly these reasons that I love economics and hope can continue in the field with even more in-depth study in University of Warwick. Currently, my major is international business and my minor is economics. We learned how international trade laws affect the international economy.

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I not only learned knowledge of economics, but also obtained a profound nowledge of world history and politics. Both history and politics helped me understand the economics more deeply. After I read some books on economics; for example, How Rich Countries Got Rich and Why Poor Countries Stay poor. realized that few opinions are completely right or wrong. The world is dynamic, so I must see things in the light of their development. Therefore, I need to keep acquiring new knowledge and information. In addition, I studied the economic situation in various regions and areas of the country.

In addition, our university is also good at griculture. I learned about the agricultural development in developing countries. I explored the role of the agricultural economy in the overall 1 development process. I used many economic principles to analyze the problems and prospects for agriculture. Through my efforts, I had an opportunity to study at the University of Oxford. It was an unforgettable experience for me. I took courses in the political economy of Britain since 1945 and international economics. During this period, I learned about the development of economic policy in Britain since World War II. arned more history about Britian and I clearly understand the relationship between the politics and economics. In addition, I have a better understanding of the European Union and eurozone economies. On the international economics course, the professor used many cases to improve our understanding of economics theories. Furthermore, we had enough time to discuss these cases in class. We shared our experience and gain new ideas by discussions. I have learned a lot and widened my view in Britain. This is why I want to go to Britain to take postgraduate courses.

As I love economics so much, hope can take up the job related to economics. Therefore, participated in my skills during summer vacations. Through these internships, combined the theory that I learned from class with the practice of learning by doing. I faced a large number of data and information about international economics in the internships. At the beginning, analyzing these data and information was not easy enough for me, but I enjoyed discovering the relationship between these data and information and knowledge which I have learned.

I became more skilled after few days. Beyond studying, I gained experience working in a team. This not only developed my teamwork skills, but also enabled me to learn economic theories firsthand. Furthermore, I really admire my superior because he can use his experience and knowledge to determine the 2 economy’s trend accurately. I am determined to become an economic analyst in the future. However, I deeply realize that undergraduate knowledge Of economics is not enough. So, hope to study with the economics professionals at university of Warwick.

I will work hard for the target. In my ife, my favorite sport is riding the fixed gear bike which doesn’t have derailleur for going up hills. I have to keep pedaling if I want to keep going and going. There are no shortcuts on our way forward. We have to go step by step. I believe that I will achieve my goals through my hard work. Now I have got the chance to apply for admission to your economics program. University of Warwick has one of the best departments of economics in the world. You have an outstanding international research reputation in economics.

In this program, will have opportunities to learn advanced topics in icroeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics, which can help me to develop an in-depth understanding of complex economic theories and investigate how they play out in the real world of business. In addition, University of Warwick will provide a lot of opportunities to help me widen my international vision. really wish I could become a part of university of Warwick, so that I can realize my dream to be an outstanding economic analyst. I hope you can give me a chance to let me show you my ability and my enthusiasm for economics.


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