Personal skyscrapers that define Dubai’s skyline. It is

Personal Statement

I Khalid Al Qamzi an ingenious and intelligent personality who holds a
profound interest in the field of architecture. Having grown up in Dubai, I
have always been mesmerized by the imposing skyscrapers that define Dubai’s
skyline. It is in this context that I resolved that I shall study and work
towards contributing to this architectural beauty by developing into an
accomplished architect. In order to accomplish my aspiration in this direction,
I have strived to excel in my scholarly trajectory, and this is exemplified by
my high school grades as illustrated in my resume. I was able to achieve grade
B in my Art Grade Certificate Secondary Education (GCSE) examination, in
addition to pursuing my architectural aspirations to a higher level in the Art
Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS) , where in a school of above 450 students I was
ranked among the top 4 in art proficiency. It is in this background that I look
forward to continue pursuing my ambition to develop into a professional
architect, through seeking admittance into the Bachelor of Architecture program
at the American University in Dubai.

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I am cognizant of the fact that this B.Arch program seeks to train and
release highly competent graduates into the global building and construction
industry. I am persuaded that the list of top minds that constitutes the
faculty and staff at the Department of Architecture presents me with the
reassurance that through their instruction, I shall acquire the requisite
fundamental skills, as well as an outstanding understanding of architecture. I
am convinced that upon enrollment into this program, and subsequent successful
graduation, I shall have developed into a professional architect who can
competently integrate concepts and history, with technological, artistic,
socio-cultural, digital, financial, and legal dimensions in the fast-changing
architectural world.

My interest and current proficiencies in the field of architecture are
exemplified through my initiatives in the same. In high school, I took the initiative
to pursue an Architectural mega structures course. Through this course, I
successfully designed buildings using an Architectural Design Software, and
thereafter, I proceeded to create my own model in the workshop and build it on
my own. These pieces of architectural art are still accessible at my former
high school where they are exhibited. I have also been fortunate to work under
knowledgeable professionals at the RQitects Architectural firm in Dubai, where
I acquired foundational work experience in creating innovative solutions
through diverse architectural concepts. RQitects is a Dubai based architectural
consulting firm that offers architectural and related services through
transforming concepts into competently crafted designs and plans.

Upon enrollment into the B.Arch program, I would seek to be actively
involved in the activities of the AUD Departmental Clubs. I am aware that
through active involvement in these student clubs, I shall be well-placed to
explore my talents and interests in architecture, as well as contribute my
input towards the clubs’ diverse activities. Taking into consideration that the
American University in Dubai runs in a multicultural setting, this would be the
best place for me to attain the suitable network of like-minded personalities
who are educated to thrive in an increasingly networked globe.

In conclusion, I consider that securing admission into this program is a
privilege, and as a result, I am committed towards matching the intellectual
benchmarks as stipulated by the American University in Dubai.