Personality and Behavior Essay

I think this habits is nurture, because in the life, we learn a lot of knowledge and skills from others people. From young to old, surrounding environment has a great influence of our life and values. Form the subjective point; we are curious about everything around the unknown, we want to try it. From the objective point, a lot of people around us have a great influence for our own.

For example, my friends and my father has smoking, so one day, I want to try smoking. All in all, nurture has a great impact for our own!With the green eyes from your mother, and freckles from your father, where did the personality and talent form? Did you inherit from your parents or was taught during your life? Even though there is indeterminacy of whether DNA or life experience contributes more to built the personality and behavior, both of them play a vital role. Some scientists assume that human’s behavior depend on genetic predispositions or even “animal instincts. ” which is known as the “nature” theory. Other scientists believe that people think and behave in certain ways because they are taught to do so which is known as the “nurture” theory.As nature endows us with inborn abilities and traits which may lead to a conclusion that nature decide who we are, however, nurture contributes more during the whole life. Man’s nature at birth is good, however what makes the difference between human beings? The surrounding environment has a great impact on people behavior, for instance, parents educate,society influence and school quality.

The fast development of the society can not be realized merely by gene; the technology and experience gained during the lifetime are what we depending on.Despite the human beings, when we focus on the animals, which is more vivid to illustrate the importance of acquired abilities. Carnivore, they were born to kill. But, without the practice and parents’ taught, the position of hunter will be changed into prey. Hence, nurture plays a more important role in building the personality and behavior. In someone’s mind Personality is natural. that means, they believe that personality is the result of evolutionary process. It is naturally born.

You dont have right to choose your personality and you dont have other ways to behaviour.However, someone argues that you dont get your personality inherited. Your mind is blank when your birth. It is your environment, education and culture that make up your behaviours. According to Social cognitive theory, personality develops via oberservation and modelling of people in the environment.

This provides individuals with opportunity to learn the value of different behaviours and how they might assist with various outcomes or goal achievements. Through reinforcement and punishment, individuals learn to repeat or cease different behaviours, which in turn influnence their cognitions and personality.