Personality Assessment and Reflection Essay

Personality Assessment is an individual different that lends consistency to a person’s behavior. According to your current situation and future aspirations, it is a necessary step in determining your personal development needs. In order to properly assess yourself different aspects of your life must be evaluated, including your skills, abilities, personalities, perceptions, emotions, and ethics toward the organization, personal life situation, job characteristic, an environment influences..

Once upon a time, you have scrutinized these components you can begin to formulate a strategic plan that you will be able to follow to reach your goals and help you make intelligent career choices. According to Carl Jung’s test, I identify myself is a ISTJs (Introversion Sensing Thinking Judging) type. I was surprise how it can really tell who I am, and it is certainly right.

Growing up as a youngest in an Asian traditional family, I am a quiet one; normally, I take a lot of time to think over what I am going to say or do because if I do a wrong decision, I will have a big trouble with my parents and will lose face to my twin older brother. At work, I prefer specific answers to question and can be frustrated by vague intrusion; and I like jobs yielding tangible results and would rather use establish skill than learn new ones. My thinking way is reflect to my twin older brother who makes decisions in a logical and tend to be a firm mind.

Every day, I am enjoying in making everything orderly and organized like work, home and life. I value the traditions and loyalty, so those maybe a reason in many reasons that I am failed in my 1st marriage. A personal trail, motivation drives, needs and attitudes affects an individual’s choosing career path. Basing to their natural strengths ISTJs often find themselves in occupations that involve effective control of production process, good understanding of details, detail planning, require responsibility and being an efficient worker.

As result, most of ISTJs find themselves successful in as military and police workers, engineers, auditors, lawyers, surgeons; managers, mid-rank managers, department heads. At last, creating a strategic plan to achieve development will help me to reach my goal with choosing a right career path. In my strategic, improving my education to increase my career potential as well as to provide me with personal fulfillment is the main point.

Currently, I am working my bachelor degree business in finance in UMKC, and I will finish my Associate business in manage this semester. I hope those education will provide me a career path that I want to. In conclusion, an individual understands his/her assessment and reflection that will do a better choice for his own lifestyle and career path. No one is perfect, so if I knew my own with need, I would try hard to fix it better. Moreover, as a management role in any organization understands the employee’s assessment will be a first step to be successful in that role.