Personality Trait Essay

Personality Traits How would you score yourself on each of them? After reviewing the “Trait Theories” in chapter four, specifically the “Big Five”, I have come to learn that researchers believe that personalities can be described and evaluated in five traits. (Witt and Mossler, 2010, Ch. 4. 3). Starting with Openness to Experience, I believe I would score high on this trait because I am very open-minded to new ideas and I constantly put myself in other people’s shoes to see their own point of view. I would score high on Conscientiousness because I am very goal oriented, ambitions and dependable.

I am moderate on Extraversion. Even though I enjoy talking and sharing ideas with others I am not very involved in big social groups. On Agreeableness, as much as I hate to admit, I would be more on the lower scale. For some reason, I am very confrontational and always challenge people if I they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Lastly, Neuroticism I would score low. I’m more of a “glass half full” kind of guy. I know how to control my emotions and I never let them get the best of me. How do you think that your partner, best friend, or close family member (choose one) would score on each?

I think of my wife as my counterpart. She has very similar traits as me she would score very differently than me on this test. For Openness to Experience I don’t think she would score moderate partly because she is really set in her ways and it takes a lot for someone to persuade her. On Conscientiousness she would score the same as me. She is even more goal oriented and ambitions than me. On Extraversion she would score really high. She is a very sociable and an outgoing person. She would score high on Agreeableness, because she is very likeable, avoids conflict at all times and is easy to cooperate with.

On Neuroticism she would also score low because much like myself, she is emotionally stable very optimistic. Are there differences between your close relationships and your own traits that may lead to problems? I don’t think that the differences in these traits lead to any problem in our relationship because we already have a great connection and we really know each other. Even though she is not high on Openness to Experience, I am able to open her up to new ideas and comfort her when she is exposed to something new which usually makes her feel uneasy.

Are there similarities that may increase the strength of the relationship? I believe similarities in a relationship in regards to this test would nothing less of a great thing. I believe partners that share the same interest and are more likely to enhance each other’s traits whether they are good or bad. Resources: Witt, G. A & Mossler, R. A (2010) Adult Development and Life Assessment. Retrieved from https://content. ashford. edu/books/AUPSY202. 10. 2/sections/sec4. 3