On Personality Essay

Personality traits and Backbone use Rationale of the Study Backbone is quickly becoming one of the most popular tools for social communication. However, Backbone is somewhat different from other Social Networking Sites such as twitter, tumbler etc. As it demonstrates an offline-to- online trend; that is the majority of Backbone Friends is met offline and then added later. The present research investigated how the Five-Factor Model of personality relates to Backbone use.

Despite some expected trends regarding Extroversion and Openness to Experience, results indicated that personality actors were not as influential as previous literature would suggest. The results also indicated that a motivation to communicate was influential in terms Of Backbone use. It is suggested that different motivations may be influential in the decision to use tools such as Backbone, especially when individual functions of Backbone are being considered. According to Barge & McKeon, the modern Internet has been presented as a combination of all previous communication technologies.

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Capable of simultaneously broadcasting vast amounts of information to a large number of individuals much like television), the Internet can also provide an intimate venue for interpersonal conversation (much like the telephone). With these capabilities, the Internet has the potential to create a fundamental shift in how people communicate. According to Ellison et al, the initial purpose of Backbone was to allow university students to create and maintain social ties which were relevant to the university experience. This goal appears to be met.

Ellison and colleagues (2007) reported that 94% of undergraduate students were Backbone users, spending 10-30 min online each day communicating with their “Friends List” of 150-?200 people. Perhaps most interesting the majority of these “Backbone Friends” were individuals known from the offline world; in other words, Backbone was not used as a tool to meet new people online. Here are the personality factors of the Backbone users. The Five-Factor Model (FM) divides personality into a series of five dimensional traits.

The first trait, Neurotics, reflects a person’s tendency to experience psychological distress and high levels of the trait are associated with a sensitivity to threat. Extroversion, the second trait, reflects a person’s tendency to be sociable and able to experience positive emotions. The third factor, Openness to Experience, represents an individual’s willingness to consider alternative approaches, be intellectually curious and enjoy artistic pursuits. Agreeableness, as the fourth factor, is another aspect of interpersonal behavior, reflecting a tendency to be trusting, sympathetic and cooperative.

The fifth dimension, Conscientiousness, reflects the degree to which an individual is organized, diligent and scrupulous. Research Problem The purpose of the present study is to examine the nature of Backbone use in an undergraduate sample which is 1 00 3rd year ABA International Studies College Students of Xavier university, Atone De Canaan and explore the personality and competency factors that influence its use. It specifically aimed to answer the following Questions: 1. What are the participants’ levels of FEB. use? 2. What are the participants’ profiles in terms of the five personality traits: a.

Extroversion b. Agreeableness c. Conscientiousness d. Neurotics e. Openness 3. Which traits are mediators of FEB. use? Hypothesis Problem number one and three are hypothesis free. However, the second problem is hypothesis bound. The following are the Hypotheses: Research Methods Research Sample The respondents for this survey will be 100 3rd year ABA International Studies College Students of the university. This survey will take place at the school campus where the researchers will randomly pick the one hundred (100) respondents.

In the questionnaire attached is the consent form which stated the purpose of the research. The procedure will involve completing a total of approximately 5 to 8 minutes answering a paper-and-pen questionnaire which comprise of 44 items and 8 items. Data Gathering Tool For this research, the researchers will use two questionnaires.