Personel Profile Plan Essay

Personel Profile Plan HSM/220 October 28, 2012 Angela Flowers Personnel Profile Plan An organization may take four steps to changing its personality profile when they feel it needs restructuring to become more effective; organizational structure, job design, using the human resources system to make personnel changes, and using internal options with integrity. The first step to changing an organizations personality profile is by looking at the needs of the personnel and changing the organizational structure. There are both formal and informal ways of doing so.Using the formal structure (departmentalization) can present opportunities to employees for reassignment or personnel presented. Informal structuring is when the model of the organization is changed rather than reassigning employees.

This will help create new positions and redesign jobs. The second step is the changing of the job design and includes six different approaches. Job enlargement adds responsibilities and makes a current position more challenging and job enrichment adds more responsibility on an employee.Job rotation, creating teams, varying working conditions, and using technology can all create or redesign current teams or positions. The third step is using the human resources system to make personnel changes.

In this system there is performance appraisal, staff training and development, career development, and possible termination. The performance appraisal uses useful information on the employee’s performance, strengths, and weaknesses. Staff training and development will help ensure that your employees understand the image you are trying to convey.Since your personality profile is impacted every time an employee interacts with a customer, it’s very important they know how you expect them to interact with the customers. Career planning provides the training needed to perform their short and long term goals and provide the knowledge needed to fulfill job requirements and a final option is termination.

The fourth step is to use internal options with integrity. None of the above steps should be used to manipulate a desired personnel profile. The restructuring should be used to provide a more well rounded, effective, efficient organization.