Persuasive on Gun Control First Draft Martel Essay

People who support gun control laws feel that guns are the primary cause Of violent crime in America, and that stricter gun laws will alp keep guns off the streets and prevent crime.

Even though gun control laws are getting more restrictive, they have not proven to decrease gun- related crimes, guns are not to blame for violent crimes, and the average citizen has a Second Amendment right to defend themselves against violent crimes. The Second Amendment states, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Blocker, 2014).Within the confines of this amendment are the basic rights of an individual or a group to protect homeless against violence and aggression, all of which has been widely recognized by Congress. The Second Amendment was designed to help protect our rights to own a gun and keep it in our home for protection.

The government should not be given the chance to decide who will and who will not be allowed to bear arms solely on the basis of vague statistics and fallacious standards about crime prevention, especially when criminals do not adhere to gun control laws to begin with.The Brady Bill banning semi- automatic weapons requires a 5-day waiting period aimed at preventing felons from buying guns. However, the truth is that most felons are not deterred by waiting periods because they are purchasing their guns illegally. Since 1 968 it has been illegal for a felon to possess a firearm (Blocker, 2014), yet that has not stopped them from obtaining guns through theft or on the black market. All the while legitimate gun owners continually face restrictive scrutiny and bureaucratic red tape in order to purchase a firearm.Many gun control advocates claim that the Second Amendment definition of a Militia is referring to our National Guard, however they fail to interpret that the resident of the United States is also the Commander in Chief of the National Guard and can federalism them at any given time if the need arises (Glen H. Utter, 2000).

If this were to actually occur, the states would in fact have no protection against this action, and therefore neither would the average law abiding citizen.The records that our Federal Government use to track all weapons actually enhance the probability of a government-sponsored confiscation of all private citizens firearms if they so choose (Blocker, 2014). On average, the majority of gun owners are more educated and maintain per-level management type jobs than those who do not own guns (Snyder, 1993). The major issue is that gun control laws do nothing to actually prevent crime, in reality it only affects those law abiding citizens who are following the rules regarding firearms.

Criminals do not take the time to register their firearms because they normally retrieve them by stealing them or purchasing them on the black market. Plus criminals have proven that if they cannot get their hands on smaller caliber guns, they will illegally obtain larger caliber shotguns or rifles instead. If we really want to prevent crime in this country, e should give more people the right to carry concealed firearms in order to protect themselves.

Unlike popular belief of most gun control advocates, the police are not meant to be our personal bodyguards.Their primary job is to deter crime, and usually are acting in more of a reactive nature than a proactive one since they spend the majority of their time trying to solve crimes after they have occurred. On the other hand, the majority of criminals are not going to know who is carrying a concealed weapon and who is not, and if they start encountering more and more citizens with concealed paeans protecting themselves, they will probably become a little more leery about trying to attack them openly.It is pretty clear that our founding fathers realized the inherent dangers from registering and controlling firearms with regards to everyday law abiding citizens, and the Second Amendment clearly was written to curtail any attempt at government widespread confiscation of American citizen’s forearms. Therefore it is safe to say that any level of gun control legislation enacted today, would seem to be clearly against what our fore fathers intended when they authored the Second Amendment.