Persuasive Letter Example Essay

Phillip Street Waterloo, ON N2L 3W8 November 12, 2010 Mr. Jesse Breen 22 Mary Street Milton, ON L5N 8K3 Dear Mr.

Breen: Imagine your busiest day. Your girlfriend’s birthday, a big test and you’ve got to complete an assignment last minute. Oh, and you’ve promised your mother who is in France that you would skype with her.

After going over that mental to do list in your head, you begin to ponder how you could possibly get yourself organized as quickly as possible.When you’re busy and on the go, it can be difficult and time consuming to juggle all of your tasks at once. However, RIM has come up with a helpful solution so that you and many other students like yourself can kiss that problem goodbye. The PlayBook by RIM, much like you and other college/university students, is highly intelligent, and can handle many tasks at once. It would be an excellent, helping hand for those stressful, busy days and at the same time a cool, fun entertainment gadget that you can use on the go.The RIM PlayBook is equipped with a multi-touch, 7 inch LCD display that is great for video conferencing (unique capability available on the PlayBook) and viewing your photos and videos that you took with one of the two cameras located on the device. Also, Blackberry has joined forces with Apple to get iTunes downloading and music library on the Playbook, which is very unique.

The most spectacular feature about the PlayBook is that you can easily have many tasks going on at once and they are all in clear view and easy to move around on the screen.For example, typing e-mails, using your built-in Bluetooth, and downloading music all at the same time. One ABI Research analyst best describes the mission of the PlayBook: “RIM’s approach with the PlayBook is to provide a Wi-Fi-enabled device initially that also synchronizes with BlackBerry smartphones. ” – Jeff Orr, Toronto, Ontario Mr.Orr’s statement is excellent in explaining the main idea and high functioning capability of the PlayBook. It’s a great way to stay organized and entertained all at once; it acts as a phone, computer, and iPod.

What more could you need? If you enjoy your BlackBerry, you will certainly love the PlayBook. RIM is holding an exclusive trial session at our Waterloo office and would love you and a guest to come discover and use the PlayBook for yourself.All attendees of this event will receive a coupon for 25% off the Playbook when it is released in early 2011. It is a great opportunity to be educated on an up and coming advancement in technology and receive a great deal when it hits the shelves. Sincerely, Kris Jones Promotion Manager P.

S. Please get back to me at (416) 833-5467 or [email protected] com by next Friday, the 19th, to confirm your attendance so I can mail you your tickets right away and guarantee you a spot.