Persuasive Speech: Observation and Results of Surveys Essay

Only 23. % of the class donated blood and my goal in my speech on Tuesday will be to change this very low percentage as it is striking to me that it never occurred to some of my classmates to help someone by giving them blood. The most shocking number was that 50% of the class is not aware of the consequences of blood donations. In a way, this percentage made me smile, as it makes me believe that it is now my role to explain to my class those consequences. In addition, I realized that 1/4 of my classmates would not give their blood away even if someone needed it.

I think that even if you are scared of addles, you can do it once or twice in your life to help someone, even if it not someone that you are familiar with. I also asked how likely my classmates would do it on a scale from 1 to 5: most people (41 of the class) responded: “Yes, but it depend on… (the person, the safety, your health, etc. )”. This answer is not very surprising.

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After getting more and more information on my topic, I learned that the donor could actually choose to whom he gives his blood. Therefore, I asked to my peers which method they would prefer if they were about to donate blood.Only one person in the class would prefer donate blood with an Oligocene donation: when a donor gives blood for storage at a blood bank for transfusion to an unknown recipient; 52,9% prefer to donate blood with a directed donation: when a person, often a family member, donates blood for transfusion to a specific individual; one person out of the whole class would rather donate blood being replacement donor: a friend/family member Of the recipient donates blood to replace the stored blood used in a transfusion, ensuring a consistent supply ; and 35,3% do not truly how they do it, as they just want to help.

This appears to me as very logical facts as usually, when omen helps, he likes to know that he is helping someone he knows/loves…

Which is normal, but some people just want to help anyone. When asked if people were scared to donate their blood, I was surprised to see that am not the only one to be scared of needles as more than the half of the class said that they were.Unfortunately, it was striking to see that 58,8% of the class was not aware on how they could donate their blood. This is why I hope on Tuesday, I will be informative and useful to my peer as I think that it is really important to help other when you are still able to do it.