Persuasive speech on tobacco effects. Essay

The main reason for tobacco addiction is nicotine. New research has shown that there are actual neurological changes in the brain when one is addicted to nicotine. Nicotine can be both a sedative and a stimulant. The drug causes a release of adrenaline, which in turn causes a release of glucose. This increases blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. It also causes a release of dopamine in the brain that creates a sensation of pleasure. No drug that is abused is taken as often as nicotine, also no other drug acts as quickly.

There are many psychological reasons why people continue to smoke, they are craving, stimulation, pleasure, relaxation, and also stress relief. There are a few ways to treat tobacco addiction, but main treatment for tobacco addiction is to quit smoking altogether. Quitting smoking has immediate and long-term benefits. It immediately begins to reduce the risk for lung cancer and heart disease. The most effective way to quit smoking is using a nicotine replacement therapy in conjunction with behavior modification techniques to curb symptoms of withdrawal.

Some additional things you can to do help quit smoking is to, limit the alcohol you drink, brushing your teeth after meals, eating sunflower seeds, and keeping your hands busy. There are many different ways to prevent tobacco addiction. Prevention of tobacco addiction needs to focus on responsible marketing to adults, not teenagers. Also we need to work with senators and congressmen to support legislation to help prevent youth smoking. More resources for parents and teachers are needed to encourage them to talk to young kids about not smoking.

Research is also going to be needed to determine what programs and resources may work best to help prevent teenage smoking. What I have learned from this is that nicotine may cause a good feeling through out the body, but in the long run it has many harmful diseases and negative effects on your body. Nicotine can have many harmful effects on your body. The main cause for tobacco addiction is from nicotine. Also there are many negative effects on your body from nicotine and tobacco addiction, there are a few different ways that can help prevent tobacco addiction.

Before you decide to smoke you should take inconsideration that it can cause you to have cancer, the changes that occur in your brain, all of the people that have died from nicotine, and also how you will smell like smoke and people will not want to be around you. There are many negative effects on your body from tobacco addiction. The major effect of tobacco addiction is cancer. Tobacco addiction accounts for one third of all cancers. Cigarette smoking has been associated with 90% of all lung cancers. There are many different types of cancers that are associated tit tobacco addiction.