Persuasive Speech Should Cultural Traditions Adapt Essay

We have been celebrating events in he same way for decades, so we definitely need to make some important changes. Tradition seems the opposite Of change, but this is definitely not true. Traditions have changed over years, or do you think we have had Christmas trees since the beginning of celebrating Christmas? People started celebrating the birth of Jesus around 200 A.

D. , but only in the beginning of the nineteenth century, people started placing Christmas trees in their houses. Why can’t we change traditions if they have been changing for centuries?In the past, people have – consciously or not – started traditions. We are still elaborating some of them, but definitely not all.

Traditions can not only change, they can also disappear. For example, many people fasted in the past. The catholic church ordered that people had to fast between carnival and Easter.

Nowadays, almost no one fasts anymore in this period. Also the tradition of sending Christmas cards has changed. In the past, people sent a lot of Christmas cards, but with the new technology of the present, this is not necessary.

People send each other an e-mail, a message via Backbone or a text message. Even if you want to send a real Christmas card, you can order this online. As you can see, traditions change. In the future, many other traditions will have changed too, whether we do something about it or not. So, why don’t we start changing now, if traditions will change anyway? Almost everybody knows someone who has had an accident with fireworks.

Last year, seven hundred accidents were reported and one man died, only in the Netherlands.Seven hundred accidents, seven hundred people who got injured, seven hundred hospital beds. However, nothing really changes about this dangerous tradition.

Some cities have slightly adjusted their rules, but these do not include any big changes. The allowed times for fireworks are hardened and in many cities fireworks are not allowed near hospitals and animal shelters. These are changes in the right direction, but we need to have a general ban on fireworks. This way, not only a lot of money, but also a lot of limbs are saved.

Instead of everyone buying fireworks on their own, we can make a large firework show so everyone can enjoy safe and professional fireworks. Less accidents will happen and everyone can start the new year with all of their limbs. We should change traditions because it will fit in the lifestyle of our society. Because of new technology and changing cultures, we want everything to be easy and fast. Christmas cards are not easy and not fast and fasting is not easy either. These are some of the reasons that we do not do anything with these traditions anymore.Some of the traditions that are about to change are huge home-cooked Christmas dinners and parties, for exactly the same reasons.

Our society wants everything to be as easy as possible. We have to change other traditions too, to keep up with the lifestyle of our society. Things are boring really fast in this society; going to grandpa and grandma for Christmas dinner every year is not very exciting. We have to change traditions in order to make things new and enjoyable again. Our parents have changed some traditions, and we have to change traditions in order to make it possible for our children to change traditions.

Not only big celebrations like Christmas and New Year are traditions that need to change. Also weddings and funerals can use some change. Funerals are a terrible happening and often very sad. But what if the person that passed away got very old and had a great life? Or if someone was very ill and was happy to pass away? Should people be sad, and should they Wear black? I do not think that these traditions are necessary, and people should be able to arrange another type of funeral if they want to.If we change traditions for the better, people will get more enthusiastic about celebrations and will participate more.

This way, all the changed traditions will get more enjoyable for everyone, because they have been changed into something everybody likes. We need to fill in our celebrations with enjoyable things, not only stressful dinners and compulsory family visits. We have to change traditions to enjoy our future.

We have to change traditions to save lives. We have to change traditions because the world is changing. Why not start changing today?