Persuasive Sppech Outline Essay

Not only should we look to the state to help, but we all should be pitching in to make a difference. Getting a good education is all any parent wants for their child.

Without the proper funds the public schools are falling at meeting the required goals. Teachers are getting laid off after some have been working for 14 or more years. Without sufficient teachers there has been an overload in the classes and schools. This means each student is not getting the proper attention he/she needs.

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PIPS Schools do not have the proper textbooks nor do they receive updated curriculums like Township Schools, due to low-funding from the government. Funding problems within Indiana public schools has caused many schools to shut down, causing a high increase in other schools. Part of the problem with PIPS is how the division of the boundaries between PIPS and Township are divided. PIPS loses a lot of the funding from the government due to this technicality. Also, there is an issue with vaporization of several schools.

This also cuts the funds that were meant for PIPS.Read a paper that had some interesting points, concerning a change that’s needed beginning with the parents. The problem is that Public Schools not ethical (Kola, 2013). School seems like the obvious place to teach children how to behave in a “moral” and “ethical” manner. If America’s public schools were ethical institutions, and if they had the capacity to teach the correct morals, then teaching children morals and ethics in school might pose a solution to the dismal situation we face in this country today, where so many children are disadvantaged (Kola, 2013).Kola was saying that learning morals and ethics starts at home. That could be something acquired and required in schools to help start a change.

As Kola said “ethical human beings lies in teaching children not what they should believe, but to question, and to develop their own beliefs”. The New Panel Solution is how the state of Indiana plan on correcting the problems that PIPS faces. The New Panel Solution will combine three unique steps to clean up the Public School crisis. 1 . ) Focus- On clear and consistent goals, strategies, and good leadership.

. ) Rigorous Curriculum- Clearly defined high expectations Of what students should be learning and when it should be learned. 3. ) Good teaching and necessary intentnotions. This Panel includes Gerard Gonzales, Terry Sprain, Terry Thompson, Taxi Gibson, John Burnett, and Chuck Canny director of com.

And media relations for the school of education, moderated the Panel (Kenney, 2013). The Panel also focuses on increasing taxes or to cut spending to insure that government is obtaining money for PIPS.PIPS will continue to suffer from poor money management, lack of authentic learning in the classrooms, low teacher standards, unclear and unrecognized curriculum and lesson plans being driven by standardized tests if we don’t get help (carpenter, 2013).

With the No Child Left Behind Act has been back in effect since 2001, there has been no change in the PIPS System. There has been many attempts through the government to start programs that is supposed to change the public school system, but none has succeed.I Think as kola said it starts in out homes and communities first. Making an effort to change the future should be the Goal of everyone in this world. Weather you have children or not getting involved can save a life. Business and communities have the ability to help raise money for the funding of new books, computers, and classroom materials. Although the money is a big problem money will not solve a lot of the issues that PIPS have.

I Feel strongly in sending my kids to a good Township School, but then my conscious still bothers me that kids are still there.I can move my kids to another school to avoid PIPS, but what about the kids who parents may not be able to do the same? It really troubles me so thought to In the end it has to be a combined effort from several sources. Parents need to be more vocal and active in respects to the type of education that their children are receiving. Schools are sending these children out into his world unprepared for the complicated journey that we call adulthood. Our job as parents is to protect our children. Allowing our children to run around uneducated will cause our society to deteriorate at a rapid rate.

If we want to continue to grow as a people, our children must come first. Children are the way to the future. We better wake up and figure out a way to work collectively to find a common solution. The people that we elect to represent us need to step up and do the job that they spent all that money on to get the position. Government plays such a final part in the success or failure of a yester. When you go to the polls to vote it needs to be for the right person for the job and not based solely on political party.