Persuasive Techniques Essay

Snob appeal is one of the many persuasive techniques used throughout this article many times. Snob appeal is used to help position the reader to believe one thing is better than the other. When you’re reading this article and you come across “Australia’s most exclusive educational outposts, Gelling Grammar’s Year 9 Timber Campus near Mansfield (Once attended by Prince Charlie) was good enough”. Who really cares if Prince Charles went there? It doesn’t make the school and better, and besides he might not even be smart for all we know. Continuing on to find “Parents are roving their kids with these silver-lined childhoods”.That instantly makes you think what the hell are these parents doing? A messy/unplanned childhood should play a small part in every child’s life, if not then life could go extremely bad when they grow up.

As you can see the use of Snob Appeal in this article is not affective in positioning the reader to agree with Wendy Tooth, because all she is doing is over exaggerating to make it sound worse than is really is. Wendy Tooth has strongly used Colloquial Language throughout the article. This technique is used to help the writer connect with he reader and in some cases is used to help make the writer look smarter.Halfway through reading the article you start to get where Wendy Tooth is coming from and it isn’t a bad argument, but then all of a sudden out of nowhere she starts using Colloquial Language, Why Wendy Why? She sounds smart enough without using it so she has no reason. I mean come on she has an article in the Herald Sun! She starts writing things like “Little dumdums” and “Blame-shift” it makes me want to break something.

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All she is trying to do is act like she knows what all the teens are saying, and to try and connect with a monger audience. Who even says “Blame-shift”?Again another over exaggerated use of a persuasive technique. Colloquial Language is supposed to make the piece/article funny and appealing, but in this case makes Wendy Tooth look like a try hard. Another persuasive technique used strongly in this article is Emotive and Loaded Language. A writer would usually use Emotive and Loaded Language to provoke emotion in the reader.

Early in the article Wendy Tooth has written “Hear an over privileged child wine daddy I want a pony”‘. Seeing this really gets my engine rattling, because it’s basically all that Wendy is doing Wining!Also when she says that kids’ are getting given a participation award is “Actually a little disgusting’. Is the most ridiculous thing I have seen since Justine Briber. Some kids love getting those kind of awards, it makes them feel like they were a part of something, and that attendance award might well be the only award some kids ever get give. I really don’t know how she can think that such a thing can be “disgusting’. Yet again another over exaggerated persuasive technique.

Yes she has provoked emotion but it is an anger emotion! Not what she was clearly looking for.In conclusion what I get from this article is one wine author taking her anger of the topic onto someone else. It looks to me that all she cares about is herself. The persuasive techniques she has tried to use have not helped her one little bit. The way Wendy Tooth has gone about this article is “Actually a little disgusting’, she has taken it a little bit too seriously and needs to calm down. At some stages it sounds like she is making a personal attack towards Gaston- Weir and her ways about life, and besides it’s really none of anybody business.