Persuasive Thesis Essay

The tobacco industry is flourishing, because of its unlimited users. Despite the fact that Government receives funds in form of taxes from tobacco companies and cigarette production, tobacco has countless hazardous effects to human beings, as well as, the environment. One of these effects is that cigarette smoking is deleterious to human health. It causes many deadly diseases such as cancers, tumors, lung infections, and heart attacks. Secondly, passive smoking has devastating effects on non- smokers; adults and children.

It causes disease, disability and death in passive smokers.Lastly tobacco or cigarette smoke contributes to environmental and air pollution by adding carbon monoxide a, a toxic gas, to the environment. Therefore it is logical to propose that there should be an international ban on cigarette production.

The first reason that there should be an international ban on cigarette production is that smoking is a great danger to human health. It is the cause of many lethal diseases in human beings. Today all over the world many adults and even teenagers have adopted the habit of smoking. Each day 82,000 to 99,000 young people around the world start mocking (Canadian Lung Association 2012).Medical evidence has established that smoking is the cause of deaths, disabilities, cancers, tumors, lung infections, and heart attacks. “Today, in many countries, as many as, one third of all cancer deaths are attributed to cigarette smoking” (Britannica Encyclopedia, 2014). The major cause of leading death from smoking and cancer is Lung Cancer.

When a person smokes 70 different cancer causing chemical enter his/her lungs and cause damage. Tar; a toxic component of a cigarette sticks to the cilia and so cilia cannot discard dirt and germs from the lungs.This causes infection in lungs, coughing, wheezing and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COP) which leads to lung cancer. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the most common lung infections. Other cancers caused due to smoking are cancer of larynx, pharynx, bladder, esophagi, mouth, nose, breast, blood, tongue, stomach and pancreas.

Smoking also affects the digestive system Of the body leading to peptic ulcer and heartburn because it weakens the esophageal sphincter (LESS), and allows the entry of stomach’s natural acidic juices in the esophagi. It also causes infection in the mucous lining.Smoking may increase the risk of diabetes.

Two most dangerous components of cigarette or tobacco are carbon monoxide and tar. When a person smokes carbon monoxide is added to his/her blood and it interferes with the supply of oxygen and blood to important organs such as brain and heart. Carbon monoxide is also the cause of heart attacks because it contributes in narrowing the arteries of the heart (arteriosclerosis) which results in heart attacks and strokes.

Other diseases in humans caused by smoking are dementia, T. B, cognitive impairment, asthma, nausea, arthritis, pneumonia and headaches.Cigarette consists of an addictive substance Nicotine. Nicotine addiction can affect one’s health negatively. Due to its addictive nature a person gets entangled in its trap. Nicotine causes a sudden surge of a hormone called adrenaline in the body which raises the heartbeat and blood pressure. Nicotine is also known for raising cholesterol level.

It harms the immune system because it effects the production of certain type of white- blood cells in the body. This type of white blood cells, produced in a bone marrow actually defends the body against diseases.A research has revealed that nicotine tainted cells failed to destroy cetera as compared to healthy cells therefore it weakens the immune system. It has an adverse effect on dental health. It not only causes disconsolation and yellowing of teeth, but it also causes thinning of the gums in a long run. It provides exposure of several substances in mouth to the roots, and it also gives access to bacteria to penetrate to the roots and infect gums. Debilitation of roots also occurs; therefore it causes the teeth foundations to weaken.

It also results in bad breath.Therefore, smokers should try and get rid of this habit because it is our duty to keep our body healthy so that we eave a clear and healthy mind. Another issue to consider is passive smoking. Passive smoking is involuntary inhalation of second hand smoke from tobacco products. Second hand smoke is of two types; one that is exhaled by the person smoking and the other smoke released from the tip of the lit cigarette.

Passive smoke is found to cause lung cancer in some non- smokers. Passive smoking is known to result in as many as 600,000 premature deaths in the world every year (Nazi 201 1).It also increases the risk of other types of cancer, like breast cancer and renal cell carcinoma (kidney cell anger). It is also directly related to heart diseases, low heart rate variability, high heart rate variability and atherosclerosis. It worsens existing diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis and ear infections. It causes neurological diseases like Alchemist’s disease in people above the age of 50. In pregnant women exposed to smoke, there is an increased risk of premature births and low weight newborns. Second hand smoke is a carcinogenic (cancer causing agent) which contains 4000 harmful chemicals.

It causes a great harm to children who develop diseases like sudden infant death syndrome (KIDS), asthma, bronchitis, Crown’s disease, development delays, learning difficulties, neurological effects, dental diseases and middle ear infection. In an effort to protect the health of nonsmokers, many countries have passed laws that smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars, airplanes, and offices should be banned. Still there are many people who can’t escape secondhand smoke, especially the children of smokers, who breathe toxic fumes from their parent’s cigarettes.Not only is this but people working in tobacco and cigarette factories also affected. The only solution to this problem is ban of cigarette production and smoking.

This brings us to our last reason about why cigarette production should be banned. Cigarette smoke is not only affecting human beings but it also is a great danger to our environment. Air pollution is one of the major environmental issues attributed to smoking. We know that cigarette consists of 4000 toxic chemicals of which carbon monoxide is the major cause of air pollution and acidic rain.Carbon monoxide is also an ozone depletion substance and it also contributes in greenhouse effect and global warming.

Alongside air pollution, millions of cigarettes are dumped on ground, that also result in soil pollution and when these cigarette are drained in water it results in Water pollution which threatens the marine life. This is some serious damage considering that the number of cigarette butts dumped is estimated to be somewhere around 5 trillion per year (Nazi 2011 Another issue to consider is the cutting down of trees for paper and the amount of electricity and resources used for the useless production of cigarettes.The tobacco plant is vulnerable to pests, and the pesticides used to keep these pests away ands up polluting soil and air.

It is concluded that smoking has countless disadvantages and it is perilous to human beings as well as environment, therefore; there should be an international ban on cigarette production. A healthy body is a very precious gift of God to us and it is our duty that we protect it and keep it healthy. It may be difficult for the smokers to get rid of nicotines addiction but there are many ways to do it like hypnotherapies, acupuncture and counseling.