Working on Environmental Protection Essay

PESTAL Analysis of Serena Hotel Political Pakistan has experienced many political upheavals during the last year of a century and the one thing, which the country was lacking, is political stability. This had a direct effect upon the policies of the businesses especially hotels management. Although tourism growth was affected all over the world after the 9/11 incident, and it had a far reaching negative impact on Pakistan’s economy in general and Gilgit Baltistan in particular, as its economy is greatly dependent on tourism after the agriculture.

The area has gone no industry or any other business option. Tourism is the only source of employment for the habitant of the area. Gilgit Baltistan still suffers from the international situation after 9/11, in terms of tourism. Though government of Pakistan has being trying to promote the soft image of Pakistan abroad but not much success took place because of the terrorism activities abroad where Pakistanis are involved directly or indirectly. Sectarian terrorism within the country is a big threat to stability and harmony among the people of Pakistan.

The sectarian disharmony in Gilgit Baltistan has become an incurable disease, for the last year, the law and order situation in Gilgit was the worst ever in 58 years history. Economic The Gilgit Baltistan spans a region of some 72,496 square kilometers with a population of 1170,000 (approx) people and possesses great ecological and cultural diversity. The Gilgit Baltistan also serves as the principal water catchments for the industry river, upon which a majority of Pakistan is irrigation and hydroelectric depends. The Gilgit Baltistan is one of Pakistan’s most important tourism destinations.

The region is renowned for its natural beauty and endowed with rugged mountain landscapes, large glaciers, sweeping valleys and other features such as forests, rivers, lakes, snowcapped peaks and meadows. This dramatic natural heritage is complemented by the Gilgit Baltistan rich cultural heritage including architectural sites such as castles, forts, and mosques and archeological sites such as ancient stones circles and Buddhist stupas. the Gilgit Baltistan have also diverse variety of living cultural expressions as reflected in the regions languages traditional food, festivals, sports and handicrafts.

Besides this the economic conditions of country is worse, such as the unemployment rate is increasing, having disposable income and high inflation. These above factors have affected the Gilgit Baltistan economic conditions also. Social Despite the Gilgit Baltistan rich mix and cultural heritage tourism development has been significantly constrained by the variety of factors, these include the lack of clear locally derived policy and guidelines, insufficient investment in tourism development.

Unfortunately after the 9/11 event the image of Pakistan abroad presented by a biased media was damaging, and Pakistan was portrayed as a harbor of the religious extremism and terrorism despite of the fact that Pakistan was a closely of USA in the war on terror. Instead of rewarding Pakistan most of the western countries, i. e. Europe and America, issued travel advisories restricting their citizens traveling in Pakistan declaring the country not safe for the foreigners especially for the non Muslims. Technical

The maximum resource has been allocated for launching of development project in all the sectors of sustainable development in these areas. With the completion of Gawdar Deep seaport, we expect a significant increase in trade volume between Pakistan and china. This would certainly benefit the government of Pakistan in terms of generating more revenues through the china trade. Pakistan and China have also signed an agreement for the rehabilitation of the existing KKH to be able to sustain the heavy vehicle transport expected with connection in China Transit trade through Gawader Deep Seaport.

China is also interested in building a railway track from khunjerab to Havelian. Pakistan and China have already launched a ‘Friendship Bus’ between the Chinese city of Kasghar and Gilgit. The new bus service will not only further strengthen the relations between the two countries but will also help increase bilateral trade relations. China is the third country with which Pakistan has road transport links. The Government of Pakistan has approved the Tourism Marketing Strategy designed to fulfill Pakistan’s Tourism potential and to efficiently promote the Country’s unique products to specific markets. Environmental Change

Hydropower project of 18 megawatt at Naltar will be commissioned by 2006. Gilgit will be benefited from the inexpensive and sufficient energy (electricity) production. Diamer Bhasha dam construction would completely fulfill the energy requirement of Gilgit Baltistan after which their would be non scarcity of water and electricity resulting in rapid progress, and beginning of a new era of development and prosperity for people of Gilgit Baltistan, “practical proposals for utilization of altered sources to provide energy in the mountainous Gilgit Baltistan “Organized by Karakoram International University and higher energy commission.

The Gilgit Serena Hotel is working on Environmental Protection to fulfill the Tourism potential and to efficiently promote the GB’s unique products and services to specific markets. Legal Change The Serena Hotel has no any competitors in Gilgit Baltistan; there is not yet implementation of competition laws in this area. The Serena hotel has the monopoly in Gilgit. The area has lack of employment and product safety law.