PESTLE are operated outdoors, there is a

PESTLE model is said to be used as the Key auditor of the Market Environment. As we know, the macro economics has severe impact on the marketing decisions made by Companies. It is also conducted to find out the potential threat from which part and aspect of the region.


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Political stands for any issues relating to the Stabilization of the Government, Changes in Legislation, Government Policies, Global influences etc.., As far as ‘Drone Delivery’ is concerned, Germnay haslaid rules and certain regulations if it is used for a Commercial Purpose outdoors. Generally, if the drones are operated outdoors, there is a serious threat of accidents and collision that requires a License from the department of Aviation. And there has been no policies regarding drones being used indoors. So, it might take a long time for a stable law to be passed on it. So, in the Present Government there is no potential harm in operating a drone in a Private space. This wouldn’t be a barrier to the business.  Also, the major manufacturer of Drones is China. As far as the Chinese Legislation is stable, there should not be much influences on the current or the future scenario. The Drone policy is usually regulated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) in the USA.


Since Customers and markets are more focused on Service and Quality, it is becoming difficult for the companies to maintain their Customer satisfaction. Hence, usage of Technology could be an easier gateway to achieve it. Economic environment deals in with Economic growth, employment rates, inflation rates and Monetary Policies. With respect to our Project, though they could be not much of Economic impact, it might definitely be an influencing factor. By this, we are lowering the Employment rate to a limited extent also saving Running-Costs of the firm. Drones, in-turn takes a big place in the Company’s Logistic activities. If there is a chance of increasing the Labour’s minimal wages in future, there is a possibility that this system might help us from saving costs. Assuming that the inflation rate and the Monetary Policies remain much un-disturbed, our plan is likely to be a success.


Socio-Cultural aspect mainly focuses on the Income distribution, Demographics and the Lifestyle changes of the consumers. As discussed earlier, since our Demographics are well-defined according to their Lifestyle, this would not be a barrier for our business plan. Our environment consists of Enthusiasts who are willing to try an innovation. Since it has no barrier, people are most welcome to be a part of this experience which by itself is a factor or attraction. It has very less Social forces since it is based on B2B Marketing.