Peter the great Essay

Peter the Great played a huge part in the way Russia was brought up. He was just 10 years old when he ascended to the throne. While he was living the country Peter developed an intense interest in the military. He made his own military units which were later made into the fist imperial guards. Peter the Great enlisted in his own unit as the drummer boy. This action foreshadowed his future as a ruler. Peter’s time in the country was very important because he learned a lot about himself and his love for Western Culture. He also learned a lot about the modern world outside of Russia.

Peter the Great was in Western Europe working on a ship when he realized how great it was there. He figured that pushing for the westernization of Europe would come with many advantages, which it did. Schools in Western Europe were more developed, so this was one advantage of westernizing Russia. The schools became more developed and the education in Russia got better. Education is important so this is a pretty good advantage. Another would the military being upgraded. Peter the Great loved this because the military was very important to him and he wanted a strong military. If you had a strong military there wasn’t much you needed to worry about. Military strength is very important. Something else good that came from westernizing Russia would be that more natural resources started being used. The use of natural resources greatly improved the economy which is always what you want. Those are some of the good things that Peter the Great knew would come from pushing for the westernization of Russia.

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Although there were advantages, Peter knew this would come with disadvantages as well. One disadvantage was the fact that the westernization of Russia came with no major technological advancements. Another bad thing about the westernization of Russia is it influenced more imported goods from other places, which is okay, but you don’t want too many imported goods because you won’t to be able to supply goods for yourself. He knew there would be some disadvantages to come with it, but he thought it was worth it.

Peter the Great lead the first westernization of Russia in history, which provided a model from which attempts everywhere else were based on. He tried to use westernization only in areas he though was necessary. He wasn’t trying to completely transform Russia into a western society. One way Peter implemented westernization was by adopting the western dress code and forcing people to cut off their beards. Also, he organized Russia’s military off the style of Western Europe. He utilized self labor to boost the economy as had done in earlier years. Those are things he did to implement westernization in Russia.

Peter the Great’s westernization of Russia is what it what it is today. He expanded Russia to Western Europe in order to be closer to other countries which gave him the opportunity to do much more trade with other countries. That’s what Peter the Great and westernization did for Russia.