Pharm School Personal Statement Essay

Healing the sick is the focal point of my life. I believe that the power of medicine will help me achieve my goals. It was through both the advice and stories from many influential people in my life that have led me to pursue a career as a pharmacist. I am independent, responsible, determined, and motivated. My personal interactions with patients made me realize that I also feel the patients’ pain when they’re hurting. Love to do research, see the patients and give them needed medications, see them get well and be healthy.

There is popular quote for pharmacist, “an honest pharmacist is a clement mother;” words that I keep in mind, and together with the medical knowledge I’ll learn, will guide me in my quest to becoming a great pharmacist. There are many challenges that ahead in this pursuit, but I would have put my heart into this goal, therefore, I am ready for any struggle to achieve this lifelong dream. My family also fueled my inspiration to pursue medicine. In my early childhood, my grandma contracted systemic lupus erythrocyte’s, which, at that time, had no cure. Till remember taking care f her every day after school – it was heart -? wrenching, and often tear up whenever I saw her suffer. To this day, one of my most vivid memories of her was the moment I saw her feeding through a tube connected through her nose; she struggles to breathe is forever etched on my mind. I wish was able to do something to keep her with me. After systemic lupus erythrocyte’s took my grandma away forever, found my purpose in life: to become a pharmacist. After completed Medical Assisting program at Carination College California, I continued my educational that enrolled to Grand Canyon

University with major in biology with an Emphasis in Pre Medicine. I love science major and doing researches. I completed all of my hard work in biology, physics, inorganic chemistry, math, and other science classes. Especially, I’m proud about my hundred percents on American Chemical Society Standardized Exam in organic chemistry courses, and graduated in three years instead of four years degree. In August 2012, joined to Grand Canyon University-Arizona-HOSE-Future Health Professional, which is the largest and most active collegiate HOSE chapter in the nation. Eradicated with organization’s five strategy areas in public service, development, fundraising, academic excellence, and student community as tools will help me be determined my path way into my chosen career. Since fall semester 201 2, I have been working for Grand Canyon University as an anatomy tutor after earning a good grade in Human Gross Anatomy and Dissection. As an anatomy tutor, I provide demonstrations to lower college level, high school students, and guests to identify human body structures with descriptive functions, their physiology and pathology.

Anatomy is a great foundation for any health care professionals and extremely important doctor and pharmacist. Furthermore, I’m very interested to how medicine works in the body systems to treat illnesses. Believe that this knowledge and experience, together with my other science classes like biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and other related science classes, will help me in pharmacy school, and eventually in my future career as a pharmacist.

I acquired my medical and pharmacy experience when I accepted three-month internship as a medical assistant at Hang Gig Trim Dung Medical Clinic to take and record vital sign, draw blood and administer medications as directed by the physician. At the Neighborhood Christian Clinic, I performed clinical tasks to support work of physicians and nurses, prepared and administered medications as directed by physician. At Hospice of the Valley, provided and supported patients with Alchemist’s disease, dementia, and end of life care. At SST.

Joseph ;s Hospital and Medical Center, I provided directional assistance ND escort patient and their family through the hospital and assisted with special events and projects. In summer 2011 , had an opportunity assisted doctors, nurses and staff as necessary in the management of the emergency department at Khan Ho General Hospital on my trip to visit my family in Nah Trans Viet Name. My volunteer work and classroom knowledge have provided me with the basics as a pharmacist. My grandma made me believe Of myself that I could be a pharmacist one day.

I like to become a medical doctor; however, I would love to become a pharmacist. I love interacting with patients, do research to find new medications, give them medications needed, see them get well and stay healthy. Moreover, would like to continue learning and I plan to get a master’s degree in public health, which will enrich my pharmaceutical experience further. Would love to travel within or outside the united States, to third world countries where people need medical assistance. From the bottom of my heart, every year, will donate my time and my money to help people stay healthy and live well and away from any illnesses.