Phenylephrine. years: 10 mL orally 6 times

Phenylephrine.  Chemical structure: – 


Phenylephrine contain
2 oxygen marked withe red color 1 nitrogen marked with blue color 1 ring  structure contain double bonds 1 hain.

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Also HCL. Available generic and
trade names. Generic names:   ·      
Phenylephrine Hydrochloride.·      
Phenylephrine Tannate.·      
Tannate, Phenylephrine.Brand names:·      
  Alcold Plus·      
  Alercy AX·      
  Alerid D·      
  Cezor -Plus·      
  Domvent -DMR·      
  Fenoride Dx·      
  Deletus P          Available doses and dosage forms. Phenylephrine is mostly
used fornasal congestion, and  also may
be used useful in increase B.P.   Adult dose to increase B.P :- Intra muscular
or or subcutaneous:  2 to 5 mg every 1
to 2 hours as required.Intra V :100 to 180 mcg/
per min. Usual dose for Nasal Congestion:- ·       
10 to 20 mg orally dose  every 4 hours as needed. (Liq.)·       
10 mg orally every 4 to 6 hoursa day. (10mg tablet)·       
10 to 20 mg dose orally twice a day. (chewable for
kida and old ppl)·       
2 years to 5 years: 1.7 mL orally dose  every 6 doses daily.·       
6 years to 11 years: 2.4 to 5 mL orally dosage 2 times a day .·       6 years to 11 years: 10 mL orally 6 times a day. Mechanism of action. First of all Phenylephrine
hydrochloride is an Alpha-1 adrenergic receptor agonist it can activates  Alpha-1and Alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. Phenylephrine
administered injection of phenylephrine hydrochloride, increases in the total
blood pressure (sy Bp and Dy BP) because it work on alpha o beta receptors as
agonist so its stimulate them for an action. In conclusion it increase the
blood presser and have other uses. Medical uses. Phenylephrine is a usefully vasoconstrictor. It is used to increase
B.P and nasal decongestant. Its Alpha,1 agonist so its stimulator the
post synapse and make an action , depending on how its administered it makes an
different effects like used for nose or used for B.p intravascular or nasal it
also increases coronary blood flow . increase the pulmonary pressure . can also
use locally for mydriatic action.Side effects. Common side effects:·      
redness under your skin·      
Sleep like insomnia  ·      
Skin rash or itching·      
Loss of appetite·       Difficulty breathing·      
Fast HR·      
Face swelling ·      
Allergic action  Also this drug may lead to dizziness . Old ppl maybe more effected by this side effects  Contraindications ·       Increase in stomach acid.·       High B.P.·       Sever or uncontrolled high B.p.·       Allergic attach on the drug material
·       Heart attack.·       Blood clot.If any of these symptoms accord to the patient he should
stop taking the drug ant go to physician to diagnose his case.    Drug
interactions. There is a lot of drug interaction for this specific drug like
300+I will just give some examples for illustration purposes ·      
Cafatine PB·      
Cafergot. ·