Philosophy Essay

An educational philosophy is the study of the purpose, process, and nature of education. Prospective teachers should be a reflective thinkers and consider the purpose of education, how students learn, what should be included in the curriculum, and qualities that will help them become effective teachers. All of these are important when working with children and trying to help them obtain a good education. The College of Education Conceptual Framework includes the theme “Educators for a Global Future. ” Educators are our global future because we must realize all people are different and come from different cultural backgrounds.

As teachers, we must be open minded to the learning process of children and know each is different. We should incorporate different cultural backgrounds into our teachings and let children know all are equal. Children should be familiar with all backgrounds and be multicultural learners. Education is the action or process of acquiring general knowledge or skills. The purpose of education is to prepare our students to become useful members of society and be able to carry on the work of our nation. It also serves the purpose of providing students with an everlasting lifelong process of learning.

Their education should help them to become responsible adults, good citizens, good leaders, good parents, and how to deal with the everyday issues they will experience as adults. Education is more important today than ever before. It helps people acquire the skills needed for a job or career. Education is also important because it helps people get more out of life. It makes a person’s life more interesting and enjoyable. A good education gives children more opportunities to succeed in this world. Once someone receives an education, no one can take that away.

During my education at Athens State University, I have learned how to effectively use problem-solving for progress, reflective thinking for improvement, modeling for understanding, and performance-based for ability. Teachers should be good problem-solvers. To succeed in education and life, one must be able to solve problems effectively. Being able to pass this on to students is very important. Reflective thinking for improvement is a necessity for teachers. Teachers should be able to think of different approaches to see improvement in students, as well as themselves.

After each lesson, teachers need to reflect on their teaching and think about how they can improve themselves and their teaching techniques. Students need to be surrounded by an appropriate learning environment. Teachers should do whatever they can, to the best of their ability, to help students succeed. The classroom should have all the materials students and teachers use from day to day. The classroom should also allow the students to feel comfortable Students learn best when they enjoy what they are doing. As a student, I remember things I enjoyed doing better than those I did not enjoy.

A connection should be made to the real world so students will know the purpose and benefit of a lesson or activity. Teachers should use different methods of teaching for different students because students learn differently. I believe every student is capable of learning. The most effective learning occurs when students are engaged in authentic, meaningful tasks. Whether this be a lecture or “hands on” project, as long as the students take something meaningful from it, I would consider it effective learning.

I also believe students learn better in a safe environment. If students are not worried about safety, they can turn their attention to learning. I believe it is the responsibility of the school and teachers to show students they are safe at school. Students should also be a part of a well-managed and planned environment. Teachers need to have control of their classrooms and be prepared for the day. The outcomes expected for myself, as a College of Education student, are very crucial in order to become a successful teacher and enable me to help students learn best.

The outcomes of the program include being an effective communicator, a knowledgeable scholar, a positive and supportive professional, a resourceful curriculum planner, a skilled facilitator of developmental growth, a student-centered and reflective instructor, a capable classroom manager, a competent evaluator, and a lifelong learner. Being an effective communicator is an important characteristic of a teacher. Teachers need to be able to communicate effectively with students, parents, coworkers, and administrators. Good communication is the basis for everything.

Students can learn best if they what is expected of them and ways to improve through effective communication and feedback from the teacher. A knowledgeable scholar is important because teachers should be knowledgeable in various areas. I hope I can become a more knowledgeable scholar at Athens State University, which will prepare for my career as a teacher. Teachers should exhibit a positive and supportive professional attitude toward everyone they meet. Students will learn best if the teacher has a positive outlook on their ability.

Students need to feel comfortable in a teacher’s presence. Teachers must be a positive influence to everyone they encounter. A resourceful curriculum planner is vital. Teachers must have creative learning ideas when planning lessons for their class. The curriculum has to comply with the Alabama Course of Study and the school’s curriculum. Helping students to grow in knowledge is meaningful in education. Students should be the center and purpose of the classroom with the teacher being a reflective instructor. Classroom management is a must for teachers.

Teachers must have control of their classroom for it to be an effective learning environment. Teachers should be able to evaluate children and situations and know what is best. I plan to further my education after Athens State University. I believe learning takes place from birth to death. We learn something new every day. All teachers need to be a resourceful curriculum planner. The curriculum should cover all the things students will need to know so they can graduate high school and be prepared for college or a job. The curriculum must be based around the state’s standards, as well the school’s curriculum.

The curriculum should be planned to engage all children in learning and should consider each child’s diverse developmental level. I believe technology should also be incorporated into the curriculum. Technology can help enhance a lesson. The world is so technically advanced; children should experience and become familiar with technology. I believe teachers should create a clear structure for a good learning environment. Students should feel comfortable in their classroom environment. The classroom should have all the materials needed for everyday use.

The classroom should contain bright colors attractive to students so it looks welcoming. The environment should also be well-managed. A managed classroom is easier to learn in than an unmanaged classroom. A collaborative classroom environment helps support learning. Students need to work with one another, as well as the teacher, to learn all they can. Classroom discussion and group activities are important for a classroom. A classroom should be like a community. Everyone in the classroom is working together for the same purpose. There are many qualities of a good teacher.

One major quality of a good teacher is being flexible. A flexible teacher can change so he or she can help children achieve a goal. A teacher should strive to meet the diversities and different developmental levels of each student. A good teacher should be a reflective thinker. They should reflect on their lessons and attitudes to see how they can improve in all areas. Another good quality of a good teacher is being friendly and loving. A teacher always needs to keep a positive outlook and encourage the students to do their best at all times.

A teacher should also be someone a student can relate to. A student should feel they are able to trust their teacher. Teachers should always keep in the back of their mind how they felt as a student, and how intimidating some teachers can be. A teacher’s tendency should display acts of fairness, interest in the learning process, responsibility, participation in positive interactions, and respect for self and others. Teachers should also encourage the use of technology as a learning tool and help diverse students come together.

Children are impressionable and look to adults for examples, which is why teachers need to display good everyday tendencies. Actions speak louder than words. Teachers should not only teach students how to act toward others, but also show them. This will also help students be more motivated learners. All students are capable of learning. Teachers should incorporate technology in as many lessons as possible. It can offer more engagement from the students, and it can be used as a tool to help students learn more. A classroom should be unified much like a family.

Students learn a lot from one another through interactions. Teachers should encourage friendships among all students by allowing them to share ideas, work together, and play together when possible. As a teacher, I will strive to meet these goals, which will lead to great outcomes. I will display good ethics as a student, teacher, and person. When a teacher reflects on these many aspects of teaching, they can better help students to strive to be the best they can be. Prospective teachers need to be aware of the important factors which influence teaching.

Education is very important in order to succeed in life. Instruction should be planned to meet each student’s needs because every student learn differently. An effective classroom needs to contain the right curriculum, environment, and activities, along with a good teacher to accommodate children for leaning. Teachers should also reflect on their attitudes and behaviors to make sure their actions are professional because they are thought of by many people as role models for children and adults.